The Wrong House aka House Hunting – BEST HOLLYWOOD HORROR

Two dysfunctional house-hunting families arrive at a remote farm property only to find that they literally cannot leave.

Starring the legendary Beastmaster (Marc Singer,)The Wrong House is the mind-melting story of two different families on a quest for the perfect home, who end up trapped together in a (literally!) inescapable nightmare. After the Hays and Thomson families converge at an open house at a deserted farmhouse, it soon becomes clear that something isn’t right. And once they try to leave, they all end up right back at the front door, again and again. Stuck in this purgatory together, they are tormented by the vengeful former owner, who seems intent on destroying them.


46 thoughts on “The Wrong House aka House Hunting – BEST HOLLYWOOD HORROR

  1. … literally stuck in the place, good from the beginning and to the end. Haven't seen a good horror in years 👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Some peole speculating I am son,but for the true life time,I just only defending my life..form: 137.

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  4. im glad this is just a movie. I would beat the crap out of both the guys. Pieces of shit pulling out the girl like that. And the dumb asses not believing thEir daughter when she told them she saw something creepy. But makes sense no stupid people no movie hahaa

  5. I don't understand 😂😂😂😂 what this movie all about 😂😂😂

  6. A very stupid movie . I'm upset the hell you guys are misusing captions

  7. Watching from Africa, Texas and yes that's a real place and were on lockdown.

  8. it's a bad movie.. we nit realky enjoyed main subject only suspense.

  9. Wasn't expecting alot from this movie BUT really enjoyed it 👍 kept me interested and guessing especially the girl who couldn't talk why did she have her tounge cut 🤔 very good story line !! it reminded me of my reoccurring bad dreams there's no escaping 🤤😟😨

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