Lindsay Lohan was once the biggest star of her generation: she acted, she danced, she sang, and she was the hottest party girl on the planet. But all that partying eventually caught up to her, and now she’s box office poison. Here’s why Hollywood won’t cast Lindsay Lohan anymore.

In July 2006, Morgan Creek Productions CEO James G. Robinson sent Lindsay Lohan a letter threatening legal action due to her lack of professionalism on the set of Georgia Rule. He wrote:

“Since the commencement of principal photography of Georgia Rule, you have frequently failed to arrive on time to the set. Today, you did not show for work all day. I am now told you don’t plan to work tomorrow because you are ‘not feeling well.'”

Robinson was under no doubts as to what was causing Lohan’s tardiness. He said:

“We are well aware that your ongoing all night heavy partying is the real reason for your so called ‘exhaustion.’ We refuse to accept bogus excuses for your behavior. If you do not honor your production commitments…we will hold you personally accountable.”

Lohan didn’t appear to learn her lesson, either. In 2010, an on-set source claimed to E! News that Lohan was a total nightmare during her stint on Glee. The source said:

“She was three hours late in the morning, and when she did finally arrive, she just didn’t want to be there. She did not want to work. She had not memorized her lines, and she kept disappearing so no one could find her…she has rubbed [the staffers] all the wrong way.”

For her part, Lohan has explained why this reputation arose, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey on her own docuseries, Lindsay. Keep watching to learn Why Hollywood Wants Nothing To Do With Lindsay Lohan!

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48 thoughts on “This Is Why Hollywood Wants Nothing To Do With Lindsay Lohan

  1. She ruined her career for life . I won't surprised if she ends up dead or homeless homeless and broke.

  2. “MTV news reported she was visibly reading from que cards” that’s bull. SNL actors are literally always reading from que cards. The scripts get changed constantly.

  3. I love Lindsay! she's on the right race track ;);) Herbie anyone!!! She's back!!!!!

  4. Yet despite all this and much more RDJ is a superstar today and hollywood has nothing to do with lindsay lohan. Hypocrite much?!

  5. Lindsay wasn't the biggest anything. Her career is very overrated, and not impressive in any way.

  6. She fried her brain with so many drugs. It’s no wonder why she couldn’t keep up with her lines from her script, too busy snorting lines instead and popping scripts.

  7. She looks haggard. Her face looks weird with all the plastic surgery. Unfortunately females have a shelf life in Hollywood. She's now past her prime. Sad because she could of been so much about 15 yrs ago. Good luck getting work past 30 in Tinseltown as a female.

  8. Its interesting they didn't talk about her attempted kidnapping of that Syrian boy. How the mom slapped her for trying to take her son.

  9. Could always be a great comeback story.Then again robots will be acting besides pixaranimated characters.

  10. The more things Lindsay stole, for some reason the more I started to like Lindsay. This girl is wacky.

  11. Well idk her personally …. She may be a lovely person .
    But I saw her on SNL and in a few movies … She could definitely do better with her acting skills ( performance)
    And I'll go on the record for saying the same thing about her music / singing… But to be fair their is a few more in the entertainment business that needs to recheck they're abilities.

  12. Privilege 4:29 🤦 !!! A celebrity criminal and she lives better than the majority of us and is still highlighted🤷‍♂️

  13. She should be happy that commie lefty hollywood losers want to shut her out! Real normal americans love lindsey because shes not pretending to be perfect!! She has thinhs to deal with like all the rest of us, things the hollywood losers hide and deny!!

  14. We all have our tests in life and if you can over come them and keep working on your self that's all that matters 💯 ✨

  15. I mean her mom and dad weren't great examples…I know there is pressure being a child actor and not having a conventional upbringing….she just needs to get some real help…she is goregous totally my girl crush! And she can act…shes older now maybe she can still salvage her career…

  16. I was a fan of her until about 2007, when the wheels came off. And now she's something like 32 but looks older than her mom!

  17. I'm glad the old guy put that selfish, spoiled, immature diva in her place. She thinks she's a bigger star than Jane Fonda? Marilyn Monroe used to do this shit, and she was whacked out of her mind on drugs too.

  18. She sounds like an e-4 in the army…useing her sham shield to skate thru her time

  19. They wanted her to be this picture, perfect girl. Everyone makes mistakes, Hollywood is a sick place also money comes before everything in Hollywood. I hope that she's doing better.

  20. People loved to give a pass to Paris,but is a lot different when it comes to Lindsay

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