While James the Fam girlfriend Chelsea Luna and Onargishtv and his girlfriend Tiphanie travel to California to visit the Worlds Famous Hollywood Sign. Everyone knows of the Hollywood sign, but many dont realize the dark history and Scary Haunted past the has occured near the sign that is outside Los Angels California in Hollywood CA. Omar gosh and James the Fam use their Spirtboxes and get some craY EVPS. Situated on Mount Lee. Hollywood Hills, the letters tower at 44 feet tall, studded with thousands of light bulbs so you can’t miss them, day or night. For nearly a century, the landmark has labeled the landscape HOLLYWOOD, becoming an internationally recognizable icon for a city, an industry, and opportunity itself. But when the sign was first erected in 1923, it was really just a real-estate advertisement.
The billboard originally read “HOLLYWOODLAND,” and it was installed to help brand a suburban housing development. Nine years later, in 1932, the young actress Peg Entwistle—Bette Davis’s personal icon—would reveal a darker side of Tinseltown when she climbed to the top of the “H” and plunged to her death. To this day, her spirit is said.
Although her tragic suicide would lead tabloids to dub her “Hollywood Sign Girl,” Peg was born Lillian Millicent Entwistle in Wales in 1908. Her parents split when she was a toddler, and she moved to New York with her actor father, Robert Symes Entwistle, who remarried.
She dreamed of being in theatre and even started going by “Peg” after seeing the play Peg o’ My Heart, reports Karina Longworth in her podcast You Must Remember This. When her father and stepmother died, Peg Entwistle and her half-brothers went to Ohio to live with their aunt and uncle. Eventually the family moved to Los Angeles, specifically Beachwood Drive, located just beneath the very sign that would one day make Peg into a legend—although not in the way she hoped.
Peg returned to New York to attend theatre school and then Boston to perform for a theatre company. When Peg portrayed Hedvig in Henrik Ibsen’s The Wild Duck, a young Bette Davis was in the audience. Bette, who would go on to play the role herself only three years later, reportedly listed the performance as a major inspiration for her own future career.
In 1927, Peg saw some success on Broadway in Tommy and other plays, and that same year she married actor Robert Keith. But soon after, Peg found out that Robert had already been married and divorced once before and even had a son—all of which he had neglected to mention to Peg. This was just the first of their marital problems. peg consistently had to bail her husband out of both financial trouble and jail (for failing to pay alimony and for drunk driving). In the divorce papers, Peg claimed that Robert had physically abused her and left her sick mentally. On top of that, Robert’s behavior and all the drama and bad press it caused was a major reason the New York Theatre Guild did not option Peg for a second season. Still, Peg earned roles in several successful productions across the country, including The Mad Hopes starring Billie Burke and Humphrey Bogart, which received rave reviews and went to Broadway. She caught the eye of RKO Pictures and was cast in the thriller movie Thirteen Women (after losing out on the lead in Bill of Divorcement to Katharine Hepburn).
Sadly, much of the movie was edited out by censors, meaning most of Peg’s parts were cut from the final film. RKO did not renew Peg’s contract. Meanwhile, the actress was hurt when she heard that her ex-husband had remarried and was enjoying a bit of a resurgence in his acting career, James Zeruk, Jr. wrote in Peg’s biography.
By then, the actress was depressed and again living with her aunt and uncle. On September 16, 1932, she told her family she was going on a walk and never came home. Two days after Peg went missing, an anonymous woman reported finding a woman’s jacket and purse in Beachwood Canyon and seeing a body down below. The caller left the items at the police department. A suicide note found in Peg’s purse.

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