This Movie Director SLAMS Woke Hollywood! Oliver Stone’s Had ENOUGH of PC Culture!


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36 thoughts on “This Movie Director SLAMS Woke Hollywood! Oliver Stone's Had ENOUGH of PC Culture!

  1. He’s one of great directors of my time .. don’t like all his movies .. but damn he puts up nothing less that great movies .. or at least entertaining

  2. I thought if someone was going to put their foot down, it would have been him or someone like him, but I am disgusted that it talk so long

  3. Chancel culture are due to the feminisation of the western civilization, women are obsessed about being a 'good girl' and destroying the society at the same time

  4. Too little too late. Stone should say quite clearly that liberals are the scum of earth and they must be stopped, otherwise western culture will be gone forever. But…then again, he's one of them, or at least he used to be….

  5. …for a conspiracy theorist like Oliver Stone to say the lidtards were reaching about Russian collusion speaks volumes….

  6. The Democrates have been doing this since they started their party to fool people to vote for them. Now that Trump has expose them they are thrown everything but the he kitchen sink.

  7. Stone is a far left lunatic. He paved the way for this by bashing conservatives for 40 years with his films and discussions. All these lefties waking up after setting our house on fire and then taking a nap on the couch.

    Good for him for saying the truth.
    But, so what? At this point, so what?

    If he wants to fix it, make a pro constitution pro american values film. Thatll create all kinds of controversy and buzz.

    But he wont…..

  8. Nice, Oliver Stone needs to become a competition for Hollywood same would be said about any person in Hollywood although Antonio Sabato Jr. is already becoming a competition for Hollywood with his new studio.

  9. Stone has always been an outsider to the popular kids club in Hollywood and he's absolutely right.
    I wonder how many other pro level artists have simply given up because of all of this.

  10. Hollywood created this monster. Now they crying about it. Movies are gonna be extra garbage.

  11. uh oh, someones skeletons are about to come out of the closet, only reason why he would speak up against his tribe

  12. To me it's not that they are waking up but more that they can no longer support the stupidity. I believe a lot of Hollywood supported the stupidity for so long because to them the average people are stupid. They think they are superior but everyone else is stupid and beneath them. Plus they also believe that the majority are stupid so if they hear them say stupid shit and they support it then their movies will do good. But once they've supported a stupid idea and its backfired they cant just go back on their word because of false pride. This is also why the majority of Hollywood are such big hypocrites, because they dont actually believe in most of the liberal bullshit.

  13. This cancel culture generation is a bunch of pussies, I'm more surprised the Chinese tanks are not here already, the way these Governors and mayors are acting . ….disgrace to the red white and blue, thet don't deserve it ..

  14. "Oh my gosh"? You some kinda fanny boy,l think it goes more like "fur fuck sake",well that's how it's pronounced here in Glasgow 🐶

  15. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
    Snowflakes melt in the heat.
    What more is there to be said?

  16. Thanks love . Roger Stone is fantastic ❗
    His Son Sean Stone Buzzsaw conspiracy theorist is awesome.

  17. Oliver Stone’s connection to reality is tenuous, at best. Who cares what he rants about?

  18. Thank you for the awesome videos with the real news. Dope hat!! Are they for sale in your store??

  19. Hearing a Communist sympathizer like Oliver Stone complaining about censorship from the Left is precious. You helped create these Khmer Rougesque Children of the Corn Leftists maniacs.

  20. Stone and most of liberal Hollywood were the ones that created this mess. They were the ones endless critiquing, attacking, discrediting. Oliver Stone is part of the problem and that should be remembered.

  21. Stone knows what's going on!! He hasn't even scratched the surface and probably never will. I didn't finish this. How can anyone listen to anyone from that CESSPOOL? Stone is only coming out with this very MILD rebuke for his own benefit!! If he wasn't involved with the EVIL going on in H….w..d, then he knew about it and chose to work among it!!

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