So many celebrities in Hollywood have had mental breakdowns over the past few months. Could this be the reason actors like Chris Hemsworth haven’t?

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44 thoughts on “Thor ditches Hollywood! The real reason celebrities like Chris Hemsworth & Ricky Gervais stay sane!

  1. Hollywood went WOKE… now theyre in the BROKE road.
    We are tired of those Hollywood Elites!
    Chris Hemsworth thou… awesome!

  2. Heck yeah Hollywood is a cult just look at Tom Cruse this guy thinks he is a God. His ex wife had to plan an escape to get away from him.

  3. Reality stars killed Hollywood. And reality stars well most are horrible people.

  4. I honestly believe that big Time megaplex theaters are going to fall but the smalltown rural Hometown classic theate that shows one or two movies will probably survive

  5. Most movie stars don't live in Hollywood, and Ricky Gervais has a 10 million pound mansion in London.

  6. Most of those people in Hollywood or low-key possessed it's too many things that they get involved in or witness to.

  7. Every movie they make now seems like it's woke nobody wants to watch that shit

  8. Even without Twitter allowing them to show off what they really are, I don’t get why they ever were idolised at all. They play pretend for millions of dollars, literally, that’s all the do. Human civilisation for the majority of the time it’s been there has recognised them as deviants and parasites and now people are working out that they’re exactly that and think they’ve really come on to something.

    You didn’t work out shit, you just rediscovered an obvious fact

  9. Chris had to work with plank.
    He knows how crazy SJWs are because of firsthand experience with plank.

  10. The movie theatres will do fine man what do yo mean they. Have been around for thousands of years in other forms. People dont go to see the movie only we go for the experience and some just don’t like that. Hearing people eat and chew and drink and talk. I love it all the people gathering and being together as one just having a good time wacting a show like on your couch. And it’s fun for a second date or something. Never a first remover that men. Lol no joke. Don’t be stupid.

  11. I think the other major reason went u don't get the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Ricky Gervais or Dave Chapelle posting selfies of themselves in the bath tub cracking up is bcos these guys (Oh n let's not for forget Keanu Reeves) are right minded thinkers oh AND THEIR MEN!!
    It's only these Wahmens celebs who need to get their narcissistic supply…
    Us men don't. That's why I think us men are doing way better than women being on lockdown…. Bcos we're psychologically and emotionally self contained and robust…. and I think the older we get (like me) the less we can be assed with ppl anyways. They bore me.
    Especially the loonie leftist libtard types. Groan…

  12. Honestly Chris Pratt is a pretty chill and good dude also. I mean I haven't really heard anything too negative about him so maybe I'm wrong but he doesn't seem really Hollywood either.

  13. Anthony Mackie has some good words to say about modern Hollywood and modern filmmaking.

  14. how about start making good movies with compelling stories and characters. instead of putting marry sue in every film pushing heir political agenda, ppl go to the movies to be entertained not preached too. that will save them

  15. Phillip Seymour left instructions to have his children raised away from Hollywood after he passed away

  16. Let's not forget these people make millions from it before they decide to turn their backs. hypocrites.

  17. Chris is a super cool guy , down to earth , he can take a joke and laughs at himself. Classy guy.
    Jason Mamoa seems like that too.

  18. Thor and star lord should just make movies together away from the social agenda bullshit.

  19. A lot of people are ditching Hollywood, hell some are even leaving the state! Elon Musk is sick of it and he's selling off his houses.

  20. I get the feeling it's easier to live some semblance of a normal life if you're outside of the entitled echo chamber that is Hollywood.
    You also don't have to worry so much about paparazzi and random people stalking you like a lot of celebrities and influencers in California seem to.
    It's almost like California is the land of the crazies

  21. I don't like Chris so much as an actor, i want him to do more challenging things, i think he is a great person though

  22. It's just like growing up in metropolitan areas.
    If there isn't any getaway leisure or a hideout from the concrete jungle, it's easy for you and me to go berserk.

    I'm glad there are people like Chris Hemsworth who enjoy taking their time to evaluate rather than jump to conclusions…

  23. Chris and Laim are so chill. They have their properties right next to each other and i think that is wholesome as fuck

  24. Madonna looks like a plastic bottle at this point. There's something unbelievably sad in the way she tries to convince us/herself she's 30 yo.

  25. Hollow wood is dead because you empowered women. Oh well. You did it to yourself.

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