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The Hollywood Reporter’s Directors 2017 Oscars Roundtable is here! Join Mel Gibson (‘Hacksaw Ridge’), Oliver Stone (‘Snowden’), Denzel Washington (‘Fences’), Damien Chazelle (‘La La Land’), Mira Nair (‘Queen of Katwe’), and Barry Jenkins (‘Moonlight’) for another full, uncensored discussion with some of Hollywood’s biggest directors.

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27 thoughts on “THR Full Oscar Director's Roundtable: Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington, Damien Chazelle, & More

  1. Mira Nair and Mel Gibson bouncing their experience back and forth is pure gold….but denzel and oliver seem like they're pompous and detached from the middle and lower class.. just sayin.

  2. Gibson changed the game with Passion of the Christ and his performance in Dragged Across Concrete is purity of acting.

  3. I started watching round tables than i saw this group and everything else came to a halt until it was watched.

  4. Much of our lives is almost entirely subjective so to allow the star-affect to stay under control in order to listen to each participant as a particular storyteller with an amazing point of view is an amazing chance to realize the beauty of the creative mind processing and creating art regardless of notoriety or fame. I would have liked and may still see as I explore these roundtable, voices of other ethnicities with strong points of view. I love the controversial and the seldom, rarely seen aspects of the human experience. Luckily, I have seen most of the movies of these august artists

  5. Oliver Stone Mel Gibson Denzil W .. here are some really hard working people…

  6. Damien Chazelle and Barry Jenkins are having a moment talking about their 1st film and Stephen Galloway interrupts them and says in his douche voice, "ohhh, what's your 1st job, you are too young to have a worst job"
    Bro, Shut Up!! Let them speak!!

  7. This Indian woman acts like like 350 million Indians don’t live on $1 dollar a day. Imagine every person in the US living on $1 dollar, with unimaginable slums. She is very delusional and very laxed on child labor laws.

  8. Despite his millions, Gibson is a washed up has-been in Hollywood. His FOX defenders and apologists try and ignore the fact that Gibson was a f-ckup long before he got arrested for drunk driving (yes, more than once) and screaming out hatred of Jews and Blacks. This wacko always had a sick martyr complex (the movies "Passion of the Christ", "Legal Weapon" & "Bravefart" all have scenes of the hero being crucified) and he actually enjoys playing the victim of poor Mel the Savior vs. Big, Bad Hollywood,. His followers like to say that he "was drunk at the time", but forget that you simply say the things that you've always felt and wanted to say when you're drunk, nothing more.

    But his apologists like to forget about his crazy behavior and serial wife cheating, something that I don't think Jesus would approve of. But since he knows he'll never get hired as the lead anymore, (his last few movies have been Bombs!) he has nothing better to do than to appeal to other right wing conspiracy religious wack jobs like himself. He's the new darling of the right wing so he loves to be interviewed by other right wingers like himself. But the guy is a major sleaze bag and mental case.

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  12. This roundtable has all it needs to make a unforgettable movie. You put Oliver Stone as the director, you bring together denszel washignton and Mel gibson for the first time in the same movie, you get a blockbuster without putting si-fi, only a true and epic story and the presence of those two legendary actors. Netflix, you should think about it. ^^

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