You may know that I have been touring the world full time for the past decade. I love meeting audiences that come to see me all over the globe. When I am home in Los Angeles I love popping up at some of the greatest comedy clubs in the world and performing shorter sets in front of unsuspecting audiences. Here is a spot from an evening at The Improv on Melrose in Hollywood. Enjoy.



  1. Tom you're the fucking man dude. That was great! Hope you''re doing well !

  2. “This is the Tom Green Show. It is my favourite show. If it was your show, you’d probably like it more…” – this still plays inside my head every now and then after all these years. Thanks Tom

  3. I once commented on one of Tom Greens videos something along the lines that I'm not a fan, but I respect what he does. He commented back that he wasn't a fan of mine either and that made me laugh. Down to earth guy, and truly unique. There will never be another like him. I wish for his continued success and happiness. Where is Tom Green from?

  4. Yoooo Tom Green is STILL A GOD! a "comedick genuiass"(copyright jph)!! This mfer might be the next kinnison.. I was fking crying laughing when he was screaming as his father saying his mom fucked the buss driver!!

  5. One of the best sets I've seen, period. Talk about aging like a fine wine. I had such a hard time recovering from the bus driver shirt bit I had to rewind. Haha! Too funny.

    Check the O.R. Tom is a living legend.

  6. So good to see Tom back in the saddle. Can’t wait to see more of your brilliant comedy sir.

  7. A strong minded Man Who never allowed Hollywood to take His soul to hell. Unlike Jim Carey.. Tom stayed true to Himself. Never took into politics or allowed them evil pigs to push Him into shit He wasn't. Miley Cyrus and all them celebs like Taylor Swift Who bought into Hollywood's agenda. All of Them are a cult.. Only out for Themselves and other rich and famous. They don't give a fuck about the poor or the average Americans Who make Them rich and famous.. Tom cares about His fans. He also knows without fans He's still Tom green.

  8. I love Tom Green. But was so disappointed to see him get political in his stand up stuff. He’s the last person I want to see get political

  9. Love it. Killing it like usual. Funny as shit. Keep on making us laugh

  10. Bro, you don't want kids, how will you react when they rehearse, with sausages on strings, I mean, maybe they get to be scientists but I mean, hey that guy who was your father, does he play in Narcos?

  11. TOM TOM TOM! Don't trip, no elephants dicks, you've done it, don't overdose vitamins

  12. To this day, every now and then, "my bum is on the ship, the battleship"

  13. Finally somebody said it I just didn't think it was going to be the one balled Canadian we are the Mexicans now

  14. Who the heck is this Tom Green? He looks like a sausage-eating,rapping skater from Canada who would put a mouse in his mouth just to teach a snake how to do it. I'm sure he could be famous one day. This set was legit. Hoping fame and fortune are yours one day Tommy!

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