Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been married for over 30 years, and they make us believe that true love exists. But what is behind the scenes of their enduring romance? Why does Tom Hanks advise not to get married before 30? And Was Rita Wilson the reason Tom left his first wife?

Tom Hanks met Rita Wilson on the set while he was still married to Samantha Lewes, the mother of his older kids Colin and Elizabeth Ann.

Tom and Rita fell in love and tied the knot a year after Hanks finalized his divorce. Wilson gave Tom the family he never had and the couple welcomed two sons together: Chester “Chet” Marlon and Truman Theodore.

Tom Hanks credits his wife for his acting success, namely for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump Oscars. Hanks and Wilson starred alongside each other in Sleepless in Seattle and Larry Crowne. They also co-produced My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Mama Mia! and sequels to both movies.

When Rita Wilson was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, Hanks was incredibly supportive to her. And in 2020 the couple was amongst the first celebrities who tested positive for COVID-19.

Wilson is also known as a country singer and songwriter. Her latest fourth album Halfway To Home was released in March 2019.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s secret is simple: marry the right person and keep that flame going. Do you like this couple?

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  1. Why are these two getting so much attention lately? Seems like someone somewhere is trying to cover something up, and act like everything is just great with them. Not buying it. Too many in Hollywood are going down, and it appears this lying couple is on the list. Weinstein is talking!!

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  6. I Absolutely LOVE Tom Hanks!!! and I am impressed by so many FUCKED UP Comments over here! He and his Wife, Rita Wilson are really NICE PEOPLE! All the Best from Brasil! and for the Fanatics around LEAVE THEM ALONE! Tom and Rita do Not need your Crazy!!

  7. OMG this video glorifies these people? WTF is this video intentional misinformation or are those running it just that clueless about the big picture of reality?

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  9. Hmmm…Tom Hanks first wife passed away march 12, 2002, then Tom and Rita announced on March 12 they have the corona virus in Australia.

  10. Hollywood propaganda at its worst. Invert 180 degrees to find the truth.

  11. Now that these celebrities have been exposed, we know better than “Nicest Guy in Hollywood.” Hollywood is DEAD.

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