Tony Lopez Gets Emotional Over His Breakup With Sofie Dossi While Hanging With Noah Beck & Michael Sanzone During Chase Hudson & Nessa Barrett Drama Night At The Hype House Mansion 7.6.20 – TheHollywoodFix

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30 thoughts on “Tony Lopez Gets Emotional Over Sofie Dossi While Hanging With Noah Beck During Chase & Nessa Drama

  1. Fans: NoAh NoAh NoAh
    If Larry was there: y’all sound like turkeys

  2. just asking: When did Tony get emotional when the didn’t even say anything about sofie dossi

  3. how did the fans even find their house? btw i want to meet noah so baaad like all the girls there were like „can you take a photo?” like so calmly i will be so excited and shaking

  4. i didn’t know who the michael boy is either but when the girl asked who he was i felt so bad😭

  5. aw man my heart , I feel so bad for micheal 🥺 you can tell he got sad since all the attention was on tony and Noah, I for sure would ask him to take a pic or even ask questions

  6. I feel like all the girls would be the ones to keep the boys from fighting lol

  7. Bro why are the girls just taking pictures with only noahbeck

    And for that girl who asked
    Who is that guy at the middle 👀
    Bro what

  8. Lol noah is too nice cause he just became famous. And the people asking for him to follow them he’s just gonna unfollow later lol

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