How much money did they pay for this? For this list, we’re taking a look at movies with sizable budgets that totally dropped the ball in the CGI department. These aren’t necessarily their worst uses of CGI in movies, as we already have a list for that. Rather, the focus is more on huge errors in judgement and execution. Our countdown includes films such as “Black Panther” (2018), “The Lion King” (2019) & “Green Lantern” (2011). Which big budget movie do YOU think had the worst CGI Fail? Let us know in the comments!

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47 thoughts on “Top 10 CGI Fails in Hollywood Movies

  1. TRON'S CGI is a 100x better than Cats and I dunno Twilight Breaking dawn cgi baby

  2. You forgot how one of the cgi people in titanic were completely black and white and one looked like a sim

  3. I’d watch the horror movie they could make out of that Twilight animatronic baby

  4. Remember when watchmojo was just videos and not face reveals every time? But they they learned their fans found them attractive and theyre in every video now.

  5. To be fair, Sonic cost $14m, which is a very low budget, especially when you got Jim Carrey. And they might've picked that design because you'd probably have to be over 30 to have grown up with the cartoony Sonic, seeing as how he's become less cartoony over the years.

  6. You need to fix your thumbnail, or add 2019 CATS as an honorable mention, otherwise it's CLICK BAIT!

  7. May be an unpopular opinion but I thought that the green lantern suit was suiting considering it was supposed to be otherworldly and created from thought construct of the ring.

  8. Forgot where I saw this, but somebody once wrote that the escape from the goblins in The Hobbit: And Unexpected Journey looked like something right out of Animaniacs.

  9. You, idiots, need to find some seriously bad movies to put down these were pretty good you are putting down black panther when it was a great movie and to prove it it made millions of dollars maybe billions you don't' know what a bad movie is if it bit you in the ass.

  10. Who the hell even noticed the de-aging effects in It Chapter 2??? Like logically I know Finn's jawline got a lot sharper in those two years but during that flashback scene, I didn't even notice that he'd been de-aged. Who the fuck was looking at his distinct facial features instead of waiting for Pennywise to strike?

  11. Star Wars Episode 2 ruined CGI for me forever… now when I see something with too much, I instantly remember terrible scenes from that abomination

  12. Honestly I thought Cats. The movie. Was a reboot of Steven Kings Sleepwalkers….

  13. Some of these movies WEREN'T EVEN FAILS 😂😆. Its a watchmojo perspective based vid again like ALL THEIR OTHER VIDS 😂😂😂

  14. Black Panther's final fight was not that good because the vfx studio didn't get more time. They had to complete it fast. Do you think that MCU will make a mistake like this?
    MCU is and always will be the best franchise.

  15. I'm a simple person, I see Cats on thumbnail, I don't see Cats on the video, I dislike.

  16. I don't care what anyone says I love this movie. I know that the movie is out but if it come out on redbox and you feel like watching it do dont lessen to the critics or the haters if you feel like you want to see it then do and if you dont dont just don't judge people who do like it. It's fine if you don't like but judging others for liking it is not okay.

  17. green lantern cgi was hoorible, but wolverine movie as well. Sonic is not out but i doubt it would be a good one. I let that slide because you are beautiful Phoebe

  18. Come on Watch Mojo…keep piling on against Cats movie and Jared Leto's Joker… keep telling us how awful they are

  19. Aside from Cats, Scorpion King, Son of the Mask, I Am Legend, Beauty & the Beast, and Aladdin should've been on here as well.

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