These are best Underrated Hollywood Movies in Hindi or English. These Top 10 Hollywood movies proves that there is still hope for cinema beyond imagination. I had tried enlisting only Hidden gems available on Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hotstar. Hope your like it & let me know if your want Part 2.
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28 thoughts on “Top 10 Hollywood Movies Must Watch before you Die | Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hotstar in Hindi or Eng

  1. हॉलीवुड की फिल्म ही देखनी चाहिए.. हमारे पास मुस्किल से साल में एक फिल्म ठीक ठाक निकालती है

    तकलीफ यह हे कि ज्यादा उनकी देखेंगे फिर हमारी बिल्कुल पसंद नहीं आती..

    मेने इस लिस्ट की secret room देखी हे और आपसे भी कहूँगा देखिए..

    वेसे escape room, maze runner थोड़ी इसी प्रकार की हे और अच्छी है,

  2. Lol, u haven't seen the real gems, u can't imagine there is so much mind bending movies that your little mind can't understand for example, Mr. Nobody(1% of my list it's nothing front of others) i prefer star trek discovery over got and rick and morty over friends series, grow up

  3. I have just seen searching and trust me dat movie cannot be expressed in words!!!! It’s a game changer and a must must must watch

  4. Yes we want more such video which describes short review of fantastic movies

  5. Sir you are great. I am highly astonished with you suggestions. I eas looking fro such kind of collection. You have made my week during corona break

  6. First time i found some someone acknowledged "the ruin" Movie I feel it's best horror movie ever made.

  7. Must watch before die…., No you better live real life before die rather than let your phone eat up all you

  8. Good list 👍
    There are a few other lesser known but awesome movies.
    The man from earth
    The prestige
    Moon (2009)
    The Devil's advocate
    Scent of a woman
    The day the earth stood still.

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