In This Video We going to discuss about top 10 horror movies of hollywood in hindi .



41 thoughts on “Top 10 Horror Movies Of Hollywood | In Hindi

  1. Mania the nun and light out dono movie dhike ha ,dono hi bohot daribni ha 😱😱😱

  2. Ab taki best khatarnak se khatarnak muvie ka name ho to batao ye simple muvie axi ni lagti🤓🤓

  3. The nune, Poltergeist, ring , sinister , insidious dekhi hai already maine akele😛😛👻

  4. Bakvas hai. No 1 is the Exorcist and where is conjuring all parts, the incidious, and the Annabelle

  5. Bhai ye movies dhek lo kasam se phat jayegi
    1, insidious (series)
    2, grudge (series)
    3, conjuring 1,2
    4 evil dead 2015
    5 the exoriest
    Bhai pleazz like karo comment pe🙏🙏🙏🙏

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