Top 10 Real Military Operations Depicted in Film
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Some war films create fictional battles, but these movies are based on real-life events. From Operation Desert Shield, to Scud Alley, to Embassy Siege, these true life events were translated to the big screen. WatchMojo counts down ten real military operations depicted in film.

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#10: Operation Desert Shield
#9: Scud Alley
#8: Embassy Siege
#7: Operation Red Wings
#6: Operation Market Garden
#5: Defense of Iwo Jima
#4: Mogadishu Raids
#3, #2 & #1???

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38 thoughts on “Top 10 Military Operations Hollywood Got Right

  1. Thanks. I need this list for my netflix.

    Oh i watched it all already

  2. battle of kashyyyk? and battle of coruscant? should have been on honorable mentions tbh

  3. Should have the movie " The Great Raid " on this list. That movie explores the best rescue mission pulled off my the U.S . armed forces and allies against almost impossible odds. Yet, they pulled it off!

  4. Guns of navarone, Where eagles Dare, and Platoon should have at least been mentioned.

  5. Rusty mcfirmin said that the SAS siege in the documentary wasn't correct and that the embassy wasn't stormed by 8 Scottish men but closer to 40 men from all over

  6. American heroism – my foot . All these cinemas portraying stupid ' american heroism ' . At these time , this is the first emergency that we are experiencing in our life – Corona emergency . And what the great america is doing ? Threatening countries to take their resources, threatening small not so powerful countries for dose of medicines . What a failure this country is . And look at these movies ! Almost all the movies , depicts they are the best , but in real they are the looser , they are the worst , they are the over confident for them whole world is suffering , what a waste of resources !

  7. Black Hawk down isn't close to the reality. According to my father who was a Omaha beach that was the only part of the movie that was accruate

  8. even though world war II is probably historically one of the most controversial topics ever, its crazy to see how much gouverments have learned from it. I mean th dude who just got his arterie shot in the shoulder thinking he was going to die? If the same situation happened today, he probably would have learned to stay calm somewhere in bootcamp.

  9. What about "We Were Soldiers"? The late LTG Hal Moore was the technical advisor on that one as it was based on the book he wrote with UPI reporter Joseph Galloway. In it, he describes how "Hollywood got it wrong every damn time."

  10. IT was German army in Dunkirk and German occupation of Netherland.

  11. There really could be only one movie at the top….I remember the interview with vets after the initial screenings….some were speechless; some couldn't make it through the first 20 mins. – too realistic.
    One that's missing (because it's not a film but a mini series) is Band of Brothers. IMO, the definitive WW II story telling!! All of it told through the eyes of real soldiers, some who are interviewed at the beginning of each episode. The best mini series….ever!!

  12. 2 movies that got the military right full metal jacket and a grunts life

  13. Seriously? British 1st airborne gets no mention. And a 3 hour battle? Get it together it took days. Stop perpetuating false narratives

  14. Black Hawk down (5:13) was a pretty authentic movie about the Mogadishu raids. But it could do something more accurate, if it had shown that the Americans were storming the wrong house at first, allowing the warlords to flee. That would have shown the real chaos ot the engagement.

  15. Someone needs to read The Real Bravo Two Zero. And there is a good documentary on YT as well

  16. We Were Soldiers

    Hawksaw Ridge

    Tora Tora Tora

    Battle of Britain



    Where Are They?
    I mean Most Of Them Is True Event/True Story

  17. where are tora, tora, tora, patton, the longest day, glory, we were soldiers, all quiet on the western front, as these were all classic depictions of war. also, the mini-series' band of brothers and the pacific should have gotten at least an honorable mention.

  18. Saving Private Ryan was good at it's depictions of D-Day that some veterans of the battle couldn't watch it because it brought back many memories of their fight that day.

  19. Black Hawk Down, really? Did you even read the book? The movie is 60-70% crap. I would have put Band of Brothers on here as the series is near accurate to the book.

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