These are the top 10 moments from “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Quentin Tarantino’s big Hollywood epic had no shortage of fantastic scenes. For this list, we’re looking at the best scenes from “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, Tarantino’s ninth feature film. Since we’ll be taking picks from the entire movie, a huge spoiler warning is in effect. From Rick meeting Mr. Schwarzs, to Rick and Cliff watching “F.B.I.”, to Cliff’s epic sparring match with Bruce Lee, these are the best moments from “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. What’s your favorite scene from “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”? Let us know in the comments!

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46 thoughts on “Top 10 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Moments

  1. Alert! This whole video is a spoiler, whether you’ve seen the movie or not. See the movie and pass on this video. Or is this alert too late? Nothin’ worse than a late alert.

  2. In karate, it is not perfection that we desire, it is the pursuit of perfection.
    just saying…

  3. Unpopular opinion. This film was a whole lot of waiting around to get to one awesome scene.

  4. This is literally the greatest movie of the entire 2010s. Acting is off the charts, and the work they did to make it look authentic to the era without digital matte painting or effects is mind-blowing.

  5. This is such a spectacular film that my father and I saw countless of times at the theater. Mr. Tarantino directed and wrote a classic and such an amazing story! As soon as the film starts, I embarked on a journey back in time. Rick Dalton tries his best to make it through a changing Hollywood along with its challenges and hardships. However, his best friend and stuntman is always there for him! Sometimes the years change before our eyes, but when passion and dedication is still active, hope never dies and we overcome the hard times. Rick Dalton never gave up through a changing Hollywood and even took risks he never thought possible by going across the pond.
    As the film progresses, the ending was such a great scene to see! Brandy stole the show by saving the night and placing justice; such a great ending to a very classical and amazing film that will forever remain in the history books. Thank you Mr. Tarantino and the whole crew for taking us to a time that I didn’t have the chance to live!

  6. This Movie is like a great Album; it can be enjoyed over and over again.
    I'm not a big Tarantino fan ,and the only reason I say this is because once upon a Time in Hollywood is the best movie I've seen in decades

  7. The ending scene with the manson family is the most enjoyment i’ve ever had watching a bunch of psychotic nutjobs get obliterated. I was laughing so much during the whole scene, and when Rick came out with the flamethrower i was so excited

  8. don’t you just listen to the soundtrack and somehow feel like you’re in the movie

  9. Tarantino shouldn't have done what he did at the ending… having put sharon tate's actual footage and then not creating a cathartic enough of an ending (it doesn't change the fact that the woman died).
    He should have made a great fuxking picture for movie buffs who would have enjoyed having seen the buddies live their friendship on, no manson murder shit

  10. Watch the movie, "thank you for smoking." Then watch "once upon a time in Hollywood." The purpose of this movie will be more obvious.

  11. I'd like to ask our American friends, please can you explain for me the apparent contradiction in Cliff's comments about his personal hustory. 1.) He says to Pussy Cat that prison has been trying to get him all his life, and the day it does get him, it won't be for doing boomtime. However, 2.) withn a short time, at the Spahn Ranch, upon meeting with Tex, he says that he had spent two weeks on a chain gang at Houston Texas, and that's the last police show he's ever going to break. Is "chain gang" not a prison work gang? Doesn't that mean that he had been convicted of a crime and sentenced to hard labour? Isn't that a form of 'prison'? Maybe the distinction is obvious to a civically aware average American, but to me it seems to be contradictory to say that prison has never got me yet, and then to say that I spent time in a chain-gang. I'd really like to hear from any American that can help to illuminate my clouded mind on this point?

  12. Brad Pitt holding his fingers up back at Tex and saying “nah it was dumber than that” made this movie😂

  13. That was a very boring movie!
    Tarantino is a good screenwriter, but a sooooo awful director.

  14. Interestingly enough for Quentin's 9th feature to be based around the cult that–according to Manson–was formed under the same Numbered track on the White Album( The Beatles ) called, appropriately, 'Revolution 9'. No such thing as coincidence…Also, when Leo Dicaprio is beating himself up, drunk and talking to a mirror? Yeah, that is a nof to Martin Sheen's scene in Apocalypse Now, which was real…not an act. Tarantino is a master at taking real life situations, twisting them into his narrative, and it always works.

  15. I thought it was a great movie. Worthy of the Tarantino legacy for sure.

  16. My favorite scene was DiCaprio in a bathrobe with a pitcher of Margaritas in his hand, ripping Watson for driving his "mechanical @$$hole" on his street.

  17. Did someone order fried sauerkraut ?? 🔥🔥🔥

    greets from Austria by the way

  18. Tex: I'm the devil and I'm here to do the devils business

    Cliff: Nah it's dumber than that it's something like rex

  19. Brandy was the MVP of the movie. They relationship Cliff and Brandy had was one of the best parts

  20. brad pitt drives around LA and gets an oscar ? really . Tarantino could not direct traffic and the ending was utter garbage, one of the worst films i have ever had the misfortune to see

  21. when Brad Pitt is on acid it is hilarious, even if we know that acid cannot be smoked ….

  22. This movie is just shit. Has really no story and it’s a waste of time and don’t pay for it. It’s a very low life script. Leonardo is a joke.

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