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Movies before and after special effects (Lts)

Friends, how good would it be if we would have made a special effect in our life by making it the way we want, but alas, there is no such technology so far that can change our life, yes we cannot say the future, because you I do not know how fast technology is progressing, and there is no faith in what to do, but friends, special effects can be made in films, which we Remember for a lifetime, whether it is a Harry Potter sweep scene, or a twilight scene that turns into the wolf of a hero, and friends, we can’t forget the special effects of Shah Rukh Khan’s fan movie. , Hey Bhai Shahrukh Khan looks so young because of the special effect. Friends, today I am going to show the scene of the special effect of your favorite movies, that is, your host and friend Sam, which you are going to enjoy very much, so what is the delay, let’s start, our today Interesting video, but before starting the video, there is a request from you that if you like this video of ours even a little, do not skimp on it,

The Twillight Saga: eclipse: – The entire series of Friends Twilight Movie touches the hearts of people, and as much as people liked this film’s lead hero, Edwards, Jacob was playing the role of a wolf. Liked, and we all like the chemistry between Jacob and the heroine Bella of this film, friends, seeing this scene of these two, no one can say that Bella is laying a hand on her, she is not a wolf It was, this scene seems to be completely real, friends, you can see for yourself how this scene has been made because of visual effects, because before adding visual effects, this scene was somewhat different, where The hero playing Jacob was wearing a different type of dress, which is worn by the actors to suit the visual effects, but friends really no response to this film, and yes we have our opinion Do not forget to tell you meant what you also like us this film look good?

Harry Potter: Friends, if you are a fan of Harry Potter like us, then you had to play that movie in this movie, where you had to catch a unique gold ball by flying with a broom, and while playing this game, the actors got many difficult Scenes had to be shot, and the scene flying through the broom was shown in different places in the entire Harry Potter movie series, but in fact the broom was not even flying at all, the whole scene of the green screen It was made with Dad, although if we talk about the Harry Potter movie, then there are many such scenes in this movie which are made due to special effects, but Friends, the movie of the actress Harmani’s library is really amazing. , As soon as she leaves the books near her shelf, the book is set on its own by flying away, friends. In this scene, people actually wearing green galbs grab the books. Keeping, and special effects help went it seems that now goes up to magic.

Fan: – Friends, Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan Movie, which won the award for Best Film due to his VFX at the IIFA Awards, has also rocked our Bollywood movies, this film not only uses the advanced technology of VFX but also , For many other films, this example has also been set forth that even the films with the most scenes shown with the help of VFX can also rule in Bollywood, friends Shah in this film Rukh Khan’s production house Red Chillies worked as a VFX, and with the help of special effects, Shah Rukh Khan was shown as an 18-year-old boy with a lean skinny and short stature, and then friends and the VFX team of Red Chillies, Rohit Shetty The Chennai Express made in the direction also gave special effects, and we all know how big a blockbuster this film was, the VFX team made a lot of changes in this film, when we all He looked absolutely real to us, and even though the train shown in the film did not move even 1 inch, all this work was done with the help of VFX, friends, Bollywood movies made with the help of VFX nowadays. Theaters are earning well.

Avengers: Age of Ultron: – Friends, when you go to watch a movie like Avengers, you sit in your mind that today you are going to see a combination of bang action and visual effects, to show so many amazing scenes. The hand of the actors working in the film is as much as the hand of the VFX team of this film, James Spader, who plays the villain in the film, had to work hard for that role, not just He had to work hard on his body movement but also on his face expression so that he could play Villain’s role perfectly, and while James was shooting all these scenes, the entire team of visual effects shot by him. Gone scenes were made in such a way that every person watching this film remembers the hero of this film as well as its villain. By the way, friends, which movie of the Avenger series you like the most, do not forget to tell us on the comment box.

Game of Thrones Season 7: – Friends, the whole world is crazy behind Game of T


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