Music knows no language they say. And it is true.. do we need to understand the language to enjoy music? No !! The power of music is such it can literally transcend borders.
Today @ Simbly Chumma we are going to talk about those famous Indian Songs which were used in Hollywood Films.

We are not going to talk about those Indian songs made for a Hollywood film like Jai ho, Pi’s Lullaby in Life of Pi maybe that will feature in our next list, but only popular indian songs used in a Hollywood film.

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39 thoughts on “Top 5 – Indian Songs used in Hollywood Films | SC #214

  1. And the people of India always copy the songs of Pakistan, much music of Pakistan is played in India….And Bollywood always copies Hollywood movies..Fake All endia

  2. Swaasame at the end of Accidental Husband sounded as if it was composed for the scene 👏👍

  3. Missed 1 song… Wada na tod .. wada na tod …. In all time best romantic film 'Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind'

  4. Oh my 😂😂 the auto generated English subtitle read more 'open condom star'..instead of gangnam style😂😂

  5. I am here because of that korean song! And yeah it's Gangnam Style not Gangam Style

  6. There Is One More
    In Deadpool First Scene
    The Song Was Playing On Car
    Mera Juta Hai Japani

  7. 'Asathoma Satgamaya' song from movie – 'Chinthamani Kolacase' (Malayalam)
    In the ending of The Hollywood movie Matrix

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