Tori & Dean are back for the 4th season of their hit reality show, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. What: The town’s hardest working couple deals with moving into a new house, selling their old house, handling an increased workload and juggling spending time together. The strain of balancing it all rises to the forefront. Watch the season premiere on Tuesday, May 26th @ 10/9C, only on Oxygen.


5 thoughts on “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood Season Premiere

  1. Ugh this show sucks. I love that fact that this untalented and boring byproduct of nepotism can't mimic the success of less entitled realty stars. She's so accustom to having what she wants that she assumes an absurd and self indulgent show like this will work. What she forgets is that the avg viewer sees right through the pretense and BS from her and her loser husband. After all that plastic surgery, she still looks like a shemale

  2. money cant solve everyone's problems so just bcuz they're rich doesn't mean anything…i bet bill gates has numerous problems and it might not have anything 2 do with money but i bet he has problems

  3. I love them so much!!!!! Their show is very popular and i am loving it

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