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28 thoughts on “Torrei Hart Talks Marriage & Divorce with Kevin Hart on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. GOD ALREADY knew the type of women that this Beautiful and radiant queen where to become !.. so to remove all obstacles out of her way he started with the biggest one first.!!

    She is trying her best to be the best vessel. it is said In the good book ….' I will not have you ignorant'… in point…… Peep her wisdom.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Kevin’s new wife is probably happy with the quarantine because it’s the only way to guarantee he doesn’t step out on her. Probably still does on grocery runs though. Let’s be real.

  3. I don't know why black men feel the need to have to have the light skinned or white woman when they get rich ,these women would not give these men the time of day if they were the regular Joe, I applaud you Torrie you are beautiful inside and out, and I see you being a comedy super star .

  4. She got a cool personality man i like the way she talks and tell things at an amazing way❤️

  5. Torrie is a beautiful person to meet, I'm so glad I had the honors to get a picture with her. Thank you torrie keep being you

  6. He was 22 when he married…. You know how many women I thought was the one in my 20's that now looking back, I would've been a fool to commit to? He was young and dumb and so was she. They both are WELLLLLLLL taken care of thanks to the mutual investment.

  7. this…i knowshe sitting back laughing..he just cheated on eniko after she talked so much shit

  8. After watching the Netflix documentary on Kevin Hart…Torrei's substance far outweighs his second wife.

  9. She was too real for him. Having a chocolate sista isn’t envogue for these fake niggas who are trying to make a statement with a fake trophy wife. So they go get a white woman or a light skinned sista. We still suffering from colorism and self hatred😒

  10. …tha best part of this post was tha bit about melyssa and hazel being about to talk… and the over-arching idea of “closure” and “forgiveness”…

  11. Torrei will always be Kevin's pussy. She held him down through it all! Men don't forget that and he will always love her & be attracted to her no matter who he is with. He's married to eniko for show but his heart is with torrei always and forever. I would not be surprised if Kevin is tapping that ass. I know how men think.

  12. Kevin cheated on what's her face again the night of accident his new wife will get 1/2 or more when she leaves him !! those others left at accident he will be paying off for life

  13. Jason is so annoying, he cuts people off when busy talking and always talking about how he was once hanging out with the interviewees. We get it, you are groupie

  14. Janet is not my age….I was born in 1971 she is a early-mid 60's baby…she had her baby at 55 years old

  15. Fast forward-2020.
    Jason verbally ripped the ish out of Kevin Hart..
    And rightfully so..

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