Trump Earned $1.7M From Hollywood Work In 2019

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3 thoughts on “Trump Earned $1.7M From Hollywood Work In 2019

  1. And 6M on Wednesday from 100,000 shares at $2 from Kodak as he sold it off at $60.

  2. Let’s be clear about what the word “work” means, and that this guy hasn’t ever done it in his life. Watching other people work is not work. Talking is not work. Lying is not work. Stealing is not work. “Making deals” is not work. Being on TV is not work.

    Work produces something of value, being a chronic piece-of-shit does not.

  3. 1.7m in royalties from a outlet of movies he did in the 90s and obviously the Apprentice. He has his own production company which manages these things.

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