Donald Trump gets a tiny, beautiful wall around his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame from Los Angeles based artist Plastic Jesus.
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21 thoughts on “Trump gets a Tiny Wall around his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star | GOOD News

  1. U know it was actually clintons idea to build a wall years before she said it

  2. If anything, Hollywood is the most racist thing on Earth, not Donald Trump.

  3. DO millennial females look at actual facts and news? Or do they make shit up about "how it feels" only based in FB memes….. why is there so many women taking pictures of a wall do they feel like they "discovered something".

  4. this is fucking stupid are people this petty anymore why not do something good for people then this

  5. +Mando Lopez stfu boii before ill knock your ass out boii watch yo mouth nigga

  6. Bush deported 1.7 million illegal immigrants in 8 years.
    Obama has deported 2.6 million illegal immigrants and he has a few months left.
    Trump will build the wall and it will stop illegal immigrants from coming in and that means less deportations. Hey. that saves us money and makes Mexico to be responsible for their own people.

  7. I love it! Whoever did this congratulations this is the only wall that will be made under Trump I seriously lmao

  8. lmao!!!! I'm a trump supporter but this shit cracked me the fuck up!!

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