Iconic Eats host, Tess, is back for season 2 and where else would she be if not Disney World’s Hollywood Studios?! Tess is trying all of the iconic magical park treats like the Num num cookie, the grilled three-cheese sandwich from Woody’s Lunchbox in Toy Story Land, the Mickey funnel cake, and SO much more. Find all of the food and rides at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida.


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37 thoughts on “Ultimate Disney Hollywood Studios Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Disney Treats

  1. THE FOOD LOOKED GREAT BUT YOU LOOKED LIKE YOU WERE REALLY DYING AT THE END. I’ve never seen you look like you were in as much in pain as you did in this video. I think that the grilled cheese put you into no mans land. Tell the truth, did you barf off camera?

  2. Love the videos, but I think you guys should color grade the videos to be a little warmer. Just a suggestion tho!

  3. I will be glad when the term "plant-based" finally dies. It is food people. Just food. There may or may not be meat in it as you choose. I am eliminating all processed foods from this complaint as it isn't food.

  4. Go to international theme parks next season! Tokyo Disney Sea or Disney Paris

  5. Y'all gotta cut this poor lady a break. XD Get her some friends to help wolf all that garbage down. It is fun to watch people eat their way around a park, but not to torture this poor woman in her cute pink Minnie ears

  6. “I love that we didn’t f*** with raisins. Like, what you see is what you get.” 😂

  7. As the day goes on it would be cool to have time stamps of for each item. Like when she took down that whole drink… was that like 9am? lol

  8. Down town Disney would be great haven’t been. For years but the food I’m remember being amazing!’ Love to see what’s new

  9. How does she never spill anything on her top? I’m sloppy i’d have to wear a bib! 😀

  10. Send Tess on a tour of a BBQ restaurants of Kansas City!! We have the best here

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