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7 thoughts on “Universal Studios Hollywood Construction Update

  1. Yesssss thank you for sharing this so june 5th for sure. Let's hope the riots wont loot this awesome place. Please keep universal safe for us normal fans

  2. Also looking at the layout of Nintendo world, it appears that Hollywood will be getting a rearranged version of Nintendo World in Japan. It'll include all the same stuff, including the yoshi ride and maybe the future donkey kong ride, but just rearranged to fit the footprint

  3. There is no Gyrosphere. I don't know why people feel the need to make up bullshit when there is no evidence to support it. I'm there almost every day; I've walked all over Jurassic Cove looking for this hypothetical "loc ness" gyrosphere everybody keeps talking about – it doesn't exist.

  4. Well California recently confirmed that theme parks were part of Phase 3, which according to the governor could be just a month away.

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