This video Mondo reacts to a fly over video from Micah Muzio of Universal Studios Hollywood. Looking for construction updates of Jurassic World The Ride, HHN 2020 and Nintendo World.


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23 thoughts on “Universal Studios Hollywood Construction Update Fly Over Reaction Video

  1. Don't know if you noticed, but Whoville is GONE!!! Go back and look at the video and check out the footage over by the Psycho house. There's nothing there but pavement now.

  2. Hey there I wanted to talk about your update on Halloween Horror nights you're not the 1st or last person to worry that their isn't going on with universal halloween horror nights. We're still in middle of spring slightly lil early to think about it when it begins in September. Auditions are posted up on their website around June , July. That itsnot going to happen as much as i want too theres to many x factors They havent even started making the stuff like costumes or the sets yet Lot of ppl wont have money let alone jobs , theyll have to try and rehire half of universal back let alone the staff , who knows what kind of money they had to take out to pay for the revenue there losing And the phobia is that ppl cant be in 6 feet of eachother we cant cramb 100 ppl in one tent or maze .. after this its said keep your distance. Especially with Disney. I know alot of traffic jame with people lining up for ride. People touching the rails. We are just getting over it theres no way the taking a chance on that Right after this is going on well have to take a year to recover.

  3. You forgot to mention whoville is gone. I got that photo of the demolition on my IG/@theuniversalhector

  4. Thanks for such a detailed update! Makes me miss it so so much! Why do yall suppose Whoville was taken down? Any guesses on what could possibly change in that location?

  5. Walt Disney will stop paying more than 100,000 employees this week, nearly half of its workforce, as the world’s biggest entertainment company tries to weather the coronavirus lockdown.  Suspending pay for thousands of so-called cast members will save Disney up to $500m a month across its theme parks and hotels, which have been shut in Europe and the US for almost five weeks. But slashing fixed costs in a more severe way than other theme-park owners such as NBCUniversal and Warner Media has raised significant reputational risks for the century-old empire behind Mickey Mouse.

  6. @fivefires If you watch the flyover video on your cell phone, you can screen shot a paused video, and then zoom in on the single picture (in your picture gallery)

  7. Gosh I really hope we get horror nights, if not then this will be the worst year ever (I tend to always count down the months for horror nights)

  8. I seriously doubt any amusement parks are opening for the rest of the year. Especially HHN. I just keep hearing rumors that's not happening this year either. I guess there is always next year. But then I could be wrong

  9. Another great video Mando, very informative. As always love the enthusiasm. Stay healthy. – The Richest

  10. Thank you so much for sharing. Great to see Universal Studio Hollywood! When will the madness end?!?

  11. Bummer. Was hoping they add some animatronics/props to Predator Cove. Looks like they add nothing!

  12. So hyped for the Mario Kart coming next year after next month it’s gonna be awesome

  13. It doesn't look like Jurassic World is getting much work done, hopefully that will change though! Can't wait until you're back in the parks again Mondo!!!

  14. Hi Mondo! Micahs video came up in my feed yesterday, probably because we love Disneyland. How cool that would be if he flew over DLand maybe a little, you know a little teaser. That’s really nice of you to share his video, seems like a chill guy. Stay safe! Hello from the Bay Area.

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