This update video goes over the secret life of pets off the leash updates, nintendo world construction, minions restaurant and Jurassic word the ride. Also found some 35th anniversary shirt for back to the future.

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36 thoughts on “Universal Studios Hollywood Construction Updates – Pet Store First Look Inside

  1. D'oh!?!! I knew I should have picked San Diego Zoo back in Summer 2019!!! Now I have to wait for the 2nd Jurassic World Ride to be done in Orlando for 300 more days next year, since they are making the upcoming new "Jurassic World 3: Dominion" film! Fumbling Yangchuanosaurus!🦖

  2. I heard on instagram that one raptor is gooing to fight the indominus rex first than the trex

  3. My only gripe with pets is that they didn't paint or try and hide the actual show building…

  4. I’m a platinum pass holder they have days all the way up to the 21st of March for secret life of pets looking forward to it.

  5. Idk if u have saw the video from aerial footage from universal japan they have some of the roof done it looks so cool !

  6. whattt nooo no more walking dead attraction?? I never even got to go D: And I feel as they are making a lot of these things very kiddi like

  7. I wonder if he issues with he Coronavirus will delay the re opening of Jurassic World

  8. Really hope we get the t rex vs indominous battle and some additions to predator cove

  9. I hope they add that big battle in Jurassic world I would like that face to face combat and also maybe instead of the T. rex flying out its the Mosasaurus.

  10. 4:17 – Oh…so that’s where[BEEP…USH TEAM MEMBER NDA…BEEP]

    Seriously people, you’re going to love this ride. Best one in the park since Forbidden Journey.

  11. Also I’m an annual pass member.. does that count to go on the earlier dates for off the leash?? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. You give the most fire updates!!! Thx so much!! The thing is ever since the new virus my fam has been more cautious when going and I’m not going as often anymore 😔But your updates let me see what’s going on!! Yay!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. I want Jurassic world New ride this opening day at the universal studios and i wanna play some dinosaur bones in the universal studios Hollywood right now this video

  14. They could be blocking the exit with temporary walls in Secret Life of pets. It might give away something in the attraction.

  15. I hope they do the indominus v T. rex because before it was the great staring contest

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