Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. A short tour of the entire theme park and it’s main attractions. If you like it please rate it or comment. I suggest purchasing this guide book before going to the park: https://amzn.to/2HVFV9K

Click the links below to view each ride/show in FULL.

View the NEW “King Kong 360 3D” ride in HD:

View the NEW “Simpsons ride” in HD:

View JAWS attack on the Studio Tour ride:

View the FULL Studio Tour Ride:

View the FULL Jurassic Park Ride:

View the FULL Hollywood Animal Actors Show:

View the FULL WaterWorld Show:


38 thoughts on “Universal Studios Hollywood (Park Tour)

  1. I miss this place so much. Watching the video brought back so many memories.

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  5. I went to Universal Studios last week. Omg, best day of my life!!!!!!! Most amazing place you will ever likely get to go to 🙂

  6. Ah I remember the first time I went to universal studios, I just barely turned 6, and that wa the first theme park I've ever been to, it was the best day of my life

  7. omg omg omg omg omg! I remember taking a picture with king kong wen I was 5! I miss the old universal studios with back to the future…

  8. Jurassic park the ride made my stomach drop unexpectedly i miss living in L.A

  9. Universal Florida is, of course, much larger with a lot more rides. However, Universal California is still a cool little park with some great attractions.

  10. aye easy on the chimp man @3:03. How would you feel if I do it to you a**hole?

  11. i miss universal studios so muchh! and califonia i hope one of these days i move back:/

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  13. unfortunatly no 🙁 universal has a lot a space, but they use most of it for filming

  14. I hope that this is better than Universal Studios in Florida. Can not wait anymore!

  15. I'm gonna go here for my first time next week ^.^ I can't wait 😀 though yea imma where non white clothing hehe :3

  16. it's weird that i nevver been here before i just went for halloween horror nights 2011 it was excellent

  17. im going in September but im from Australia first time in america ever!

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