The queens discuss their looks from the Death Becomes Her runway, one queen gets a heartwarming video from home, and another queen deals with her emotions. Plus a touching moment in the workroom with the eliminated queen and Ariana Grande.

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35 thoughts on “Untucked: RuPaul's Drag Race Episode 6 | Ru Hollywood Stories

  1. when ugly bitches are obviously bitter with the pretty ones. hahahaha i feel pitty for them.. and pearl and violet are just so beautiful and those ugly bitches can't do anything about it but to try to throw shades. hahaha

  2. violet's a bitch but at least she's honest. i like ginger to an extent but i wish she would stop acting so sly and underhanded, it's really not cute

  3. I didn’t think Jaidynn’s looked like a costume, i actually lived for it i have no clue why they said that Jaidynn deserved better

  4. Seriously Ginger was so shady. When I watched season 7 for the first time I sort of liked her. But now rewatching it again and untucked, I really dislike how she discredited other "young queens", c'mon she was the same age as Fame and not even 30 yet 😮 (I think the "young queen" thing was started by Kennedy but Ginger joined in to be, what, relatable for Kennedy?)

  5. I love seeing how well Ginger, Katya and Kennedy get along in this episode. It's fun seeing 3 friends just bitch together.

  6. Kandy got all quite, she was trying to act all hard but you could tell at that moment that her bark was stronger than her bite. Like shit up cuz you were shit all season, that’s why you went home. Good bye and good riddance. What even happened to her cuz she’s one of the most forgettable queens to walk the stage.

  7. god i love katya so much she's such an angel just sitting there watching, no bad comments. QUEEN SHIT

  8. "She looks like garbage". Says the Queen with the ugliest outfit in the room.

  9. I like to see Violet & Fame helping and comforting Jaidenn. Also, i like Violet & Max talking.

  10. Ginger and Kennedy is the most two faced bitch Contestant of drag race. They’re fcking annoying.

  11. why is it that people are so bitter about Max only wearing gray hair? Katya and Trixie only wear blonde the fck is wrong with everyone? now that im rewatching this during Season 12, Aiden and Max were for sure bullied for being the quite ones. shame on these hoes.

  12. kennedy shouldnt have been ALLOWED to talk about everyones outfits wearing… whatever that was 🙄 violet AND pearls looks were both stunning! its called fashion look it up

  13. I hate watch untucked (im obsessed) bc i get mad always, at kennedy and ginjer's nassty pety comments against the other queens… omg i wanna slap them in the face with a chair

  14. Kennedy called pearls drag literal garbage but the second in all stars when milk thought thorygs drag was different and not a repetitive pageant gowns, she got sooo defensive and even said “fuck my drag right?” Like bruh you literally called someone else’s garbage just be quiet please!

  15. 11:59 girl what?? you came for pearl and now u claiming she has a bad attitude????? should've been eliminated since day one bitch

  16. I just love how Jaydin didn't Say negative things when Ginger tried to make her Bash other Queens (violet, max, pearl) at 13:30

  17. This has nothing to do with anything but I need a compilation of Brooke Lynn sipping her drink and hiding from the drama

  18. Kennedy and Ginger were literaly talking shit behind people's back while criticizing Max for doing the exact same thing. Tell me about being fake when you are saying this, this and that while the person is not in the room, but actually not being brave enough to tell it in their face.

  19. I don't understand why they keep going after Max for her gray hair when some queens wear blond wigs everytime their on the damn runway. Cough Katya Cough Cough

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