On NYE 2016, as the new marijuana law starts, someone or ones changed the Hollywood sign to read “Hollyweed”. This prank could get some folks into big trouble as LAPD is currently investigating and has security cam footage of the culprits defacing the sign. In the meantime, let’s all have some good laughs at this lighthearted vandalism disguised as a prank LMAO!

Ironically, I was blazing when I first noticed it and had to run and get my camera once I realized that it wasn’t the ganja that had my eyes playing tricks on me! Crazy!

Watch the video and see it turn from Hollyweed to Hollywoed as they race to remove bedsheets from the sign LMAOOOO!!! Fricking 2017…off to a crazy start!


5 thoughts on “Vandalized Hollywood Sign Changed To Hollyweed NYE 2016

  1. This was funny as shit. Was driving up Vine St when i saw that the sign reads Hollyweed.

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