READ PLEASE: Hudgens leaves Hollywood Records! It’s confirmed: Hudgens and Hollywood broke up this year. In April of 2009 there was a rumor that Vanessa was going to end her association with Hollywood Records, and the rumor has just increased. Vanessa’s previous albums were bad on sales due the lack of promotion. Hollywood Records didn’t promote her songs in the way it needed to be. After two studio albums “V” in 2006 and “Identified” in 2008, Vanessa Hudgens is finally free to choose a new record deal. Her fans were waiting for a second single for “Identified” and her label didn’t do ANYTHING new for the album in one year. Now she’s focusing on her acting career and she said that she is taking a break from singing, but we don’t want her to stop. Anyway, there’s a rumor that she would be negotiating with Columbia Records. Any other label would be better than Hollywood Records. Vanessa Hudgens is a great singer, she deserves real attention and top label. She was removed from and some people that were at Neutrogena Event said that he confirmed she’s happy out of Hollywood Records.
One day in the future I’m sure they will sing “Come Back To Me” to her. But she’ll have much more success. Hollywood Records lost Hilary Duff, Raven-Symoné and now Vanessa Hudgens. Who’s next? VANESSA WE LOVE YOU!

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11 thoughts on “Vanessa Hudgens leaves Hollywood Records

  1. She is amazing !!! , aalmost 10 years of Her First album , & i listen all the old songs , i Love Her !!! , & i miss Her to ! , She deserves a recogniton like selena & miley .

  2. Yeah, She said in no uncertain terms in many interviews when she signed up that she DIDN'T want her music to be on Disney Channel(she wanted to be free to "grow" her music), which at the time was Hollywood's only method of promotion! Therefore the albums failed to sell. If an artist dosen't sell any label will drop them and no label will re sign them and pump money into them if their first albums didn't sell. She was lucky she even got a second album! Raven's fan base out grew her type of music

  3. well
    She is TO
    talented for hollywood records
    well watch miley or selena
    they arent as talented as vanessa
    vanessa is SO AMAZING
    her voice is amazing
    i hope she will record a new album
    i love her soo much!<3<3
    thx for this vid:)

  4. we love you baby v and all the best! choose whats best for you but whatever you choose we're still be your supportin' fans!

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