Transgender actors call out discrimination in Hollywood. Laverne Cox joined Chaz Bono, Alexandra Billings, Brian Michael, Jen Richards and Trace Lysette for a conversation about the realities of working in Hollywood while transgender.


40 thoughts on “Variety's Transgender In Hollywood Roundtable

  1. I understand the importance of POSE. But i just feel that the characters are so one-dimensional. I feel like im watching Glee but with trans people.

  2. Thank you, Variety. These voices need to be heard and acknowledged. Thanks for all of the bravery at this table. I feel seen.

  3. Omg Trace is……. gorgeous. Had no idea who she was until this round table and I instantly followed her on instagram. Wow, she is prettier than majority of women in current Hollywood, wow! Someone needs to hire her in some kind of action or love movie ASAP.

  4. OMG blame it on TRUMP now…….. what happene to Bush, Hillary who opposed gays and LGBTs, Clinton, Bush 1, and I glad the other guests on the table said something because this frustrated bitch chilled out…… she is the old hag…. people should stick to their own beliefs and the violence many are from people who are gay have assaulted other gays who were closeted…..

  5. When is President Donna Chump coming out of the closet? Donna banned trans in the military, what a joke!

  6. There are so many trans people out there especially in Hollywood. Most have been that way since childhood.

  7. Laverne really looks Male. Chaz is the only one looks Male. Girl to boy seems easier. I suppose it's in the steroids and stuff. Just saying . Not judging

  8. Yes, they cannot even see the duplicitious nature of their own arguments. All of them had to alter who they are to the point that they are not even real. Now you wanna define what is real? You standards shift with the winds, so much that what you say has no reference point. It is just word salad just like the alphabet people of the LBTQMNRXYZ. The trans woman of color of the non binary word cisgender lesbian. What does that mean? WHAT THE HELL?

  9. This was extremely interesting to watch and learn from. As an actor myself, (non trans) I would absolutely work with any of the people on this panel. The problems that trans people have to deal with in everyday life are hard, but being a trans actor has it's own complications as I've just learned from watching this. I applaud them all for having the courage to stick to their guns and not give up on what they wanted to do. I'm continuing to chase my dream of acting as well and I hope to be able to work with any of these talented performers. Particularly Laverne Cox and Trace Lysette.

  10. but they cant make everyone say they are a woman because they are not biologically a woman they are transgender and that never is going to change ,some people wanna be younger they can dress juvenile but it don't take years away

  11. Get up on mr e work most a listers are secret Masonic 666 androgenes that go against god

  12. Look to be shallow for a sec….

    Miss cox. If its a wig. We need to take a moment to appreciate that piece. Wow. Hun. Send me the brand and hairdresser.

  13. There could be so many reasons why people don't cast someone for a role or whatever and to assume it's just bc they are trans tells a lot about victim mentallity

  14. Why do these people feel they deserve certain roles? Who ever creates the movie has a right to cast who ever they want. I served in the US Army for 12 years and fought for my country. After the military many years later I became homeless. I wasn't a drug addict or drunk, I just couldn't find work and had no where to turn. I couldn't even afford to eat everyday. The one thing I never did was wake up and think I deserved anything. I literally lost everything and sleep out in the rain and cold. But again never did I think I deserved anything. This is why hollywood makes the average person sick to their stomach!

  15. All the makeup in the world cannot disguise the fake "pitch" voice boxes on many of them at the table. There is a lot of "acting", "make-up" and extra to imitate a real woman. A real woman can relax and not be uptight and artificial in appearance. When Whitney Houston and Chaka Kahn sang, "I'm EVERY WOMAN", they demonstrated the fact we have many sides. Impersonating to be someone you aren't is obviously exhausting. Now don't get me wrong. I am all for human rights. Everyone deserves respect. However, we must respect ourselves inwardly and then the outer appearance will reflect our true identity.

  16. I love Jen Richards. She helped me decide to transition through the website, WeHappyTrans, which is no longer around. It showed me that happy transitions were possible. Mine has been wonderful! That you Jen!

  17. You can dress up the outer shell to look like the opposite gender, but your chromosomes will always tell a different story.

  18. Why do you expect us to except you when you can't even except yourself? You were born one sex and wish to appear another, fine but do not expect the rest of us to buy into your delusion. You are not a real woman, how insulting to a biological woman, you will never carry a child in your womb because you have no womb. You will never worry about brest cancer because your brest are fake. Be you and the rest of us can try to be accepting. Stop lying!

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