This Is How Victorious Ruined These Actors Hollywood Careers. From Ariana Grande To Victoria Justice…
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Nickelodeon is king when it comes to dishing out classic sitcoms. That’s why we’re still talking about its musical series “Victorious” after all these years. “Victorious” aired for a total of four seasons. Everything from its cast to its characters and storylines was amazing. Ariana Grande, who played Cat Valentine, would go on to become one of the most celebrated pop stars in the world. But the same cannot be said about the rest of the cast.

For some actors, the last episode of “Victorious” marked the end of their professions. You could even say that the show ruined their acting careers. Either way, being a part of the show was a magical experience for everyone involved. In this video, we find out what our favorite Hollywood Arts students have been up to since “Victorious” wrapped up in 2013. Press play to reconnect with stars like Victoria Justice, Avan Jogia, Elizabeth Gillies, and more.

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29 thoughts on “Victorious Actors Hollywood Won't Cast Anymore

  1. and they failed to mention November 19 Ariana grande concert with liz and matt ;(

  2. Only Ariana succeeded😢.
    Its sad,there are so many good actors in Victorious.Ariana was the best and she is still😊.But i miss other actors and im sad cuz they didnt succeed😢

  3. I already know who didn’t appear in ariana grande thank u next video but I’m not gonna spoil it if u don’t know

  4. I honestly don’t think Ariana and Victoria we’re enemies. They probably weren’t close, but that’s all! I feel bad for Victoria calm…

  5. who hopes netflix will revive victorious with its new deal with nickelodeon! Idc if arianas too famous to return! It's fine

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