ET is breaking down everything you need to know about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s shocking exit from the royal family.

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35 thoughts on “Watch Meghan Markle's Most Notable Acting Roles in Hollywood (Flashback)

  1. The most rebellious royal was the queen's uncle who abdicated the throne for his American divorcee. As Harry is a minor royal (away from the line of succession), no one really cares what he does.

  2. She made H out of the Palace because she wants freedom , go to Hollywood. H is not a smart prince. He is immature easily manipulated.

  3. Pretty disgraceful she continued to go by the last name markle her entire life including her adult life yet disrespects her father and ignores and turns her ‘markle’ nose up at the entire markle family

  4. Meghan liar liar pants on fire! She knew all about Harry. How can you have Diana books, know her life story and not know about her sons! This is what you get when you start relationships on a lie.

  5. Without a doubt, it's got to include her 'soul crushing', 'no one's asked me if I am OK!' act in that documentary. What a piece of work she is! A lousy actress in my book but one tremendous manipulator!

  6. She's cute, but her acting is not great. At least not handling drama. She should feel fortunate her meal ticket came along when it did.

  7. "notable acting roles?" Why did the vast majority of people say, who is that when they learned Meghan Markle was dating Harry?

  8. Nobody knew who this narcissist was until she married Harry. Furthermore, she knew exactly who he was. He former friend said she was obsessed with him and had a boom of the royal family.

  9. 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️This BEGUILING MALIGNANT NARCISSISTIC Pretend Humanitarian went ahead with her wedding and cold turkey her own father who just had a heart attack 😱 Dumped all her school friends and stuffed her wedding with celebrities cashing on the Royal platform 🙄🙄 Flies half the globe to Pretend “ support “ Serena Williams in her final match and left Archie just to get Marketing Visibility ! Thank God Oracene ( Serena ‘s mum ) snubbed her . 🙄🙄Jet set in private jets and “ preach” climate change ?? 🙄🙄Spends 600,000 on her baby bash and claims that she is a humanitarian ? 🙄🙄Spends the British tax payers money at almost 500,000 pounds and claims she is a humanitarian 🙄🙄 Lied that Harry is the second husband when Harry is actually the third husband !!😲
    dump Archie at home whilst she scoots off to the Queen’s Trooping the Colours so that she can be seen on the balcony n in the carriage when she was expected to be in post baby delivery confinement 😬👿But the clearest of all : is what she did to her very own father : cold turkey him when he was struggling with food and shelter and had a heart attack 😱😱 Prince Harry is super blind ! This piece of Social Climber is on Harry’s springboard to Hollywood via Disney !! God have mercy on Harry and Archie 🕊🕊

  10. Most notable!!!!! What a joke lol lol. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. So funny I watched horrible bosses and remember me loved the movies.. didn’t know she was in it 🧐

  12. Shame on you haters meghan is very cleaver she refused to be used by the royals how on earth she is using her energy just to do the job for the royals then the british people will praise the queen when is not the queen who is working no she doesnot want to use taxpayers money that is cheating she is right she need to work for her child not for the royals a cleaver girl haters go on with your gossip harry and his family are free at last and they are a happy family go go go meghan harry and king archie

  13. I love him he has a heart of gold like his mum, He's taking care of his wife like he hope his mum was taking care of.and looking at that old bag his father is with all the time did not help him. He missed his mum because they were always so close and he said when she called that day he got off the phone to go play and did not know it would be the last time,he as been living with that and walking behind her body with people looking at him.was a lot. He kept messing up, but he pick his self up and have been trying to be the man she would be so proud of. He met someone that is more like his mum, caring and loving that want to help and make a difference long before him. And people just don't get it, they make them feel like loving each other is wrong, we can't pick for people it's what they feel from the inside and it's not for anyone else to understand but the two people that's feeling it. If his father was man enough to stand up for the woman he love , he would not have put his mum in that love less life. She was a beautiful woman and could have had any wonderful man in the world, but she ended up with that one . And the only good thing that came from that was her children , and we get to see a woman with so much to give and we loved her, may she rest in peace. And now I want the best for Harry and his wife , they are the only ones that know what's best for them.we are on the outside looking in we don't know what's on the inside, and I pray to God that they make a good life for them selves, the Queen have the life she wants may it be long or short she said, that's not what the young people want. They have things to do and people to help and being locked up and come out once in a while to smile with people Is not doing it for them,too much to be done. And may God continue to bless them in the work they want to do. Amen ✌️♥️🙏🏻

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