Wayne Brady is opening up about his own personal experiences with racism. The award-winning actor sat down with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans and revealed that he was once confronted by armed guards after accidentally locking himself out of his own home. Brady said the entire incident left him so terrified that when his teenage daughter accidentally locked herself out years later, his panic took over and he told her to “run.” The former “Whose Line Is It Anyway” star also shared why he thinks it’s so important to have challenging conversations about race with friends and family.

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Wayne Brady Feared For Daughter’s Safety When She Got Locked Out



10 thoughts on “Wayne Brady Feared For Daughter’s Safety When She Got Locked Out

  1. Another person of color training their children to continue the racial problems and disrespect of police. What a moron.

    If He had just told her to wait there, and when the police showed up just comply with their directions. Keep your hands away from your body, make no sudden movements, and be COURTEOUS!!! If she had no ID on her, I'm sure there are some pictures, or ID in the house.

    But no, He told Her to run from the scene, making her a SUSPECT, instead of a CITIZEN who poses no threat. Congratulations on training another generation of perceived victims.

  2. wow i didn’t know this happened to him but unfortunately we have to have these conversations with our black children sons and daughters during these crazy times of police brutality, no police reform nationally inforced yet glad they are doing better , its tough being a black person males and females in our world, country today

  3. there is no way that i would bring up my children in America it is FAR TOO RACISTS..Wayne you did the right thing to get her out of danger ………..this HAS GOT TO STOP

  4. I welcome the uncomfortable over unnecessary death anyday and if you don't then you are part of the problem.

  5. Then you shouldn't have an alarm system if you don't want the cops to show up idiot.

  6. Everyone is yelling white privilege, WELL WHAT IN THE HECK DO U CALL THIS??
    Also Michael Jordan donating $100 million to racial inequality makes him look like a moron

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