From 2/20/93, the Hollywood Blondes meet the WCW/NWA world tag team champions Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas in a non-title affair. Will the Blondes prove to the world that they deserve be champions, or will Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas prevail against their biggest foes to date. Watch and see!


26 thoughts on “WCW Power Hour '93 – Hollywood Blondes vs. Steamboat/Douglas

  1. 4 Great performers at their arguable peeks. special thanks to the internet for providing quality, pro wrestling entertainment,  in a era bereft of anything worth watching.

  2. that was non title. someone should upload these 4 going at it at the clash. milwukee, wisconsin. austin hit douglas with the belt and douglas bled a little bit. shane douglas pinned ric flair about six yrs. later on a wcw ppv. douglas was also u. s. champion in late 90s wcw.

  3. Austin is a pretty much brawler in here too.He really didn't do any technical wrestling in this match.

  4. The Hollywood Blondes got over big time despite WCW trying their hardest to fuck the team up.

  5. Why didn't Shane Douglas get a push in WCW? Jeff Jarrett did and he is and was a joke!

  6. @Blackmoon218 Yep…for me it was the days of action figures and wrestling on saturdays

  7. @crazyfool619 true….I forgot about the piledriver with Owen at SummerSlam '96…that definitely affected his wrestling style….and the brawling definitely fit the Stone Cold character better, but I still love Stunning Steve as an in-ring performer more

  8. @miggy25 i think he became more of a brawler to better suit the stone cold character. plus he had that "piledriver" incident with Owen Hart that may have had an affect on his wrestling style.

  9. Steve Austin was solid on the microphone even then as well as in the ring.

  10. @srreaves77 Most of the audience were just tourists who never followed WCW.

  11. Stunning Steve Austin was a far better in-ring performer than Stone Cold Steve Austin

  12. The future "Loose Cannon" and later to be named "Stone Cold" vs a young "Franchise" and "Dragon"!

    "Larryland" on the "color"! "SPUDHEADS!!"


  13. That was Steamboats theme from the WCW Slam Jam album. He didn't use it long.

  14. That was absolutely fantastic. Douglas/Steamboat for shre helped – but I forgot how underrated the Blondes were. If they didn't get split up (in story, then feds) – they would've gone down as one of the best teams in recent history.

  15. Its definately not tha mothashiiiiiiiiip…

    …but it still gets to the pay winda

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