James and Elyse Willems join the show and help us photoshop body parts from the hottest A-list actors to make the ultimate Hollywood celebrity!

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20 thoughts on “We Make the Perfect Hollywood Celeb (w/James and Elyse Willems) – KFAF

  1. 51 minutes of pure joy. Truly the best show on the internet. That monstrosity had me in tears laughing by the end.

  2. This episode had me dying of laughter from start to finish. Loved it. My only nitpick was that it should have been Alexandra Daddario eyes.

  3. I say we just rotate FH members in on this show every other week and have KFAF stand for Kinda Funny And Funhaus.

  4. You may not like it, but this is what the ideal human body looks like

  5. That was amazing thank you so much for this greatness! I Always look forward to KFAF but this blew my mind. Keep up the great work!

  6. Plenty of people aren't scared to go back into theaters, thought a lot may want to take their emotional support 2nd amendment tool to feel comfortable.

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