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We had a change of plans, and instead of going to Universal, we were invited to a cast member preview at Hollywood Studios and it I was so happy about that. I was able to ride 2 NEW rides at HS. Come hang out and let’s ride together!

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  1. Enjoyed your vlogs from Disney. How did you like the food at Kona? Did you get a cupcake anywhere on this trip?

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your week-end at Disney with us. What a great friend you have for inviting you to go with her. Your enthusiasm is so fun! Looking forward to seeing your new home and how the process of getting settled in is going.

  3. What a blessing! Y’all are some lucky ladies. So glad you had a great trip. Now, let the home vlogs begin!!!!! 🎉🙌🏻🤣

  4. Love watching all these videos. Glad you both had a great time. This is the break you needed. Tyfs and have a blessed day

  5. Angie, on my Lord You're camera did awesome job! I love what I was watching your camera was the best I have seen yet. I really felt like I was on the ride of the Resistance. But most of all I really enjoy that you are so happy inside the parks! I can not wait to go thanks for all your vlogs😁☺

  6. Really enjoyed seeing those rides, enjoyed seeing them with you and Kim, better than the Tim Tracker vlogs, you focused on the rides and not all the talking in between, goodness knows when or if I’ll ever get to see them in person, pleased you got home safe and sound, looking forward to seeing your new house thankyou that was fun x 🤩

  7. That was so fun, thank you. I love how you said hello to all the cast members. You are so sweet. ❤️

  8. I have never been to Disney so thank you for taking me along it was amazing. Can’t wait to see the house. Safe trip home

  9. That was an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing. I bet you're so happy to be back in your beautiful new home and ready to unpack.

  10. This was an awesome opportunity to go to Hollywood Studios with low crowds. Great footage of the rides! Thanks for taking the time to share your vlogs. It’s always so nice to see a little Disney magic. Hope your settling into your new home. ✨💛✨

  11. Angie, Looks like you had a FANTASTIC time at Disney! You have something else to look forward too, your new home ! I'm looking forward to watching you decorate it ! !

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