A damaged homicide detective (Johnny Messner) must prevent a grieving father from unleashing a “robotic virus” that he believes will destroy the terrorist cell that murdered his son, but at an unimaginable cost.



  1. Another zionist movie,muslims always the boogie man,awake america,ITS THE JEWS

  2. This movie is showing how the High Official who are doing to make the world miserable peoples out there for their own intention to making more Powerful & Trillionaire …all peoples will die no one can runaway for it….and going back to ashes ….

  3. So who has or knows of anyone who has the virus? ? (just trying to get some real life data ) none here, if not for TV n radio etc. My town would not know it existed

  4. Deplorably deplorable and I hope my suffering prevents others going through the experience. In years to come people will talk of the highs and lows of Covid 19, thus far ahead of extraction to another country this film is the low point.

  5. Yeah, I gave up on this flick as soon as a hand grenade stopped an M113. So I'm guessing the rest of the movie is just as silly.

  6. Same old, Same Old, Nobody ever thinks to wire the brain of the robot into the foot or the cheek of it's ass it always has to be grab the wires at the base of the skull.

  7. Great low budget Sci-Fi/Action movie with a decent plot and some familiar faces.

  8. Very complicated plot. I had to look the movie up to understand what was going on. How does a policeman and a nurse afford to live in a fantastic house and drive a fabulous car? Makes no sense.

  9. Reporter "the building looks almost leveled!" Only one wall was on fire and no other visible damage what so ever! Fake News even in the movies!!!

  10. Greetings. No disrespect but can you help me understand how this can b the best Hollywood movie?
    This is exactly why I prefer movies with the late Sir Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. I guess I'm just oldschool. Thankyou still for the upload.
    My apologies if i offended anyone.

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  12. I feel bad not remembering the police chief's actual name, but damn I know thata voice, David Herdig, in my opinion his best role in the Phidelphia Experiment 1984, ish

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