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40 thoughts on “Wendy Williams talks Kevin Hunter, Remarriage & 50 Cent’s Party on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. This bitch thought she was the queen of radio n tv.. 50 Cent let her know that she was just the witch of media …lol

  2. I'm happy wendy did this interview, she now is living her best life. And jason did his thing with this interview, your a amazing journalist, and your Leo bro. ♌

  3. this is the best channel I swear! kudos to yous jason & team love ya all the way from aussie

  4. Wendy tolerated her husband's antics for years..knowing what and who he was. You can't tell a woman in love nothing.. because they tend to follow their heart more than their mind.. common sense is absent. There has been talk..whispers even of his abuse and cheating. She got her son out of this marriage but aside from that she should be glad it's over. A man who doesn't respect you isn't worthy of being a husband. I'm glad that she finally left but I doubt that she would have if he hadn't delivered the final embarrassment to her in the form of a new baby by his mistress of 10 + yrs. If he hadn't had that baby I think she'd still be with him..Starting over is good sometimes…A fresh start is essential but only after you heal emotionally.

  5. Honestly the best interview I ever saw with icon ms Wendy Williams. Good job guys! And you can tell how much love all of them have for each one another.

  6. My Mother worked for Sears in Stockton , Calif. She started when it was in the old brick building on park street , and helped open the one at the Mall !!How You Doin !!! Luv Ya !!

  7. Jason is so cute to me :)🤣✅❤️love his smile 😎🤷🏻‍♀️😘😘😘😘

  8. I Love Wendy Williams a very strong woman God keep blessing her Life and family💝

  9. can you and medina send for me to party one night with you allll before i leave this earth …one nite….mannnnn i would love this

  10. Ask Wendy a question; and she talks about what the hell she wants, never mind the question.

  11. ooooh Wendy girl ALMOST made it out the interview.."I didn't ask for this.." I felt THAT! We love you Ms. Wendy!!

  12. Wendy, the glasses screaming, girl!! I feel like your tiny little sister who might have access to glasses when you're not looking.. Not cheap.

  13. Wendy hugs babe. Everyone understands your whole life with someone now your on a new path god put you there honey. Your doing good but there will be days a moments and that’s ok❤️

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