This is a brand new video from West Indian Girl for the track “Hollywood” and was directed by Cary Heckman. In “Hollywood,” a highly sought after bag of “party favors” guides the viewer through a wild urban safari that explores the many faces of modern day Hollywood subculture. A visual narrative takes us through several exchanges of the bag amongst disparate characters over the course of a typically wild Hollywood night. Check it out and enjoy…


12 thoughts on “West Indian Girl-Hollywood Video

  1. Despite (or because of) the str8 guy getting his jollies from the "lesbian" (sort of) kiss, this vid is annoyingly heteronormative – not a bit like the Hollywood I know and love, where I've lived for more than 20 years.
    Pity. The band is wonderful. And I buy their music. So. Just sayin'…

  2. I never noticed before about this video: the guy in white who runs from the cops at the end of the video, in the washroom meets the man from the beginning of the video. The chain of couriers comes full circle.

  3. @bambisalive There would be a lot of people that would probably go shoot themselves first!!!! heehee!!!

  4. That Mariqueen is a tambourine virtuoso, I'm a tellin' ya!!!
    BTW if you listen to this song live, MQ is so out of tune that it's pathetic. Good thing for studio fixes, huh?

  5. I love this song !!!! Good band 😉 I'm listening "to die in LA" from their new album "4th & Wall" So coooooooooooool !!!

  6. I saw Meriqueen and the boys live. It was a good show, except she had diarrhea that night. And the intense spinning she did, combined with the ridiculously short skirt she had on…was a recipe for disaster. Those in the front row got more then just a lovely display of thier musical stylings. However, it made me love them even more.

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