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Listing agent: Jennifer Okhovat – Compass
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Property Address: 9019 Elevado Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Specs: 4 bedroom. 6 baths
Reduced Listing Price: $5,250,000

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West Hollywood, commonly referred to as WeHo, is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. Incorporated in 1984, it is home to the Sunset Strip. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, its population was 34,399. It is considered one of the most prominent gay villages in the United States. West Hollywood is bounded by the city of Beverly Hills on the west, and on the other sides by neighborhoods of the city of Los Angeles: Hollywood Hills in the north, Hollywood in the east, the Fairfax District on the southeast, and Beverly Grove on the southwest. The city’s irregular boundary is featured in its logo; it was largely formed from the unincorporated Los Angeles County area that had not become part of the surrounding cities.
West Hollywood benefits from a very dense, compact urban form with small lots, mixed land use, and a walkable street grid. According to Walkscore, a website that ranks cities based on walkability, West Hollywood is the most walkable city in California with a Walkscore of 89. Commercial corridors include the nightlife and dining focused on the Sunset Strip, along Santa Monica Boulevard, and the Avenues of Art and Design along Robertson, Melrose, and Beverly Boulevard. Residential neighborhoods in West Hollywood include the Norma Triangle, West Hollywood North, West Hollywood West, West Hollywood East, and West Hollywood Heights, all of which are only a few blocks long or wide. Major intersecting streets typically provide amenities within walking distance of adjacent neighborhoods. Home prices range from half a million dollars to all the way up to 20 Million dollars! (Wikipedia)

As a real estate agent here in Los Angeles, I have had the pleasure to give mansion tours all around Los Angeles with neighborhoods including Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Malibu, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Holmby Hills, Downtown, Laurel Canyon, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Encino, Palos Verdes and Mid City. I am a real estate agent working for Compass Rodeo office in Beverly Hills. Compass, since its launched, now is the country’s largest independent real estate brokerage. If this is your first time to my channel, then welcome! You will discover in this channel that we like to have a good time while touring some of the most expensive homes on the planet. I don’t know if there is a market quite like it anywhere in the world!. In this channel, we will also cover real estate investing and real estate development which are 2 important components of the Los Angeles real estate market!

We will also be documenting investment properties in and around the Los Angeles area. With a background in property development and flipping homes, I will be sharing insights on different projects in Los Angeles.

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