When she was in her studio, Ellen did her own version of “The Masked Singer” called “The Masked Dancer,” but since she doesn’t have a studio or a dance floor, she came up with a brand-new game – “The Masked Gardener.” Play along with Ellen and tWitch to see if you can figure out the hilarious Hollywood star behind the mask!



40 thoughts on “What Hollywood Star Is Ellen’s Masked Gardener?

  1. Sell any children lately Ellen ? Your looking a little sickly lately , not enough andrenochrome ! Call Tom Hanks , he probably has extra ! You sick b..ch !

  2. So was that a 'busted' moment at 6:55 where you can see Andy wandering around inside the house in the reflection?

  3. Aww… Ellen I love you sooo much ❤️❤️.. seriously I was only watching you in the whole video…. going to complete my school studies in another year…. Hope one day I will get a chance to meet you ✌️✌️💯💯…. LOVE YOU ELLEN ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. The one move to turn around,&see Tiffany.or Masked guest.shes's real funny.That must have put real hurt on UR back.

  5. Ellen DeGeneres didn't even turn around to look at the guy, so caring.

  6. Andy is really looking healthy in quarantine. Looks like he is losing weight.

  7. Yes, pickleball is my favorite sport, my knees hurt when I play too long lol, like 7 hours

  8. You don't even own a bible, you n your father follow the book your cult. That is the book that claims the creator of the universe looks like a black cat with red stripes. It also claims wolves to be jinn, and that wolves to be hunted into extinction, within the continuity of the New Testament of the Yakult book. Belasabup is the name of the author of that book.

  9. Hello Ellen !
    Thank you for your shows which are an anti stress because you put all your heart,all your passion all you energy, all your dynamism, all your optimism and your loyalty towards your fans.
    It is a real pleasure to follow you !
    Kisses from Paris

  10. Ellen, WELCOME to pickleball – the best game ever! Glad to hear you're loving it, your back will get better 🙂 and you'll continue to have so much fun with the sport – it brings health and happiness. HUGS!

  11. Your woman is assigned to you, if it weren't for her, there would be no Ellen 😂😂😂
    Let me call Tom, I'm sure he could give me a standard rate !!!!

  12. Best celebrity guest on the planet! You four should do a dance-off (when your back is better) or cook-off or…?
    Also congrats Ellen to you and your team for your Webby Award!🏆

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