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  1. I feel like the box office would have probably been the same regardless of whether or not Snyder’s version was released. The only difference is that Snyder’s version may have been a better film and received better reviews.

  2. WB set a bit of a bad precedent w/ Zack, his Theatrical cut of BvS was a mess and harmed Justice League's development. He wasnt able to execute a cohesive movie for theatrical and his Directors cut. He tried to have it both ways. I disliked BvS theatrical because of how choppy it was.

  3. I want to hear the guy from Colliders opinion on Coke a Cola fans when they protested New Coke.

  4. My only hope the Snyder Cut isn't chopped up into episodic chapters. It was made to be a movie, let it be a movie.

  5. The Snyder Cut would make a killing in physical media! Think of the special features for this beast!

  6. I'm glad we got the Robert Wise cut of Star Trek The Motion Picture, now can we get it on Blu Ray.

  7. For billions of people the story of human life is the story of human suffering.

  8. Most of these tough online "fans" do the the same thing everyone does when they don't have actual facts to back something up but still want to disagree. The phrase "I didn't see anybody say this" or "No one said that" is an anecdotal observation being paraded as some type of solid evidence against the claim. Just because YOU didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen or that people didn't said it to Rob or Campea and other people. I know plenty of people that thought the Snyder cut completely done. So don't try to act as if people are making something up just because it doesn't match up with your worldview.

    Secondly, they do the same thing all these other people are doing and throw out the word "semantic" as if that is synonymous trivial or meaningless….not sure if they know this but words and meaning actually really matter…it's kinda the basis of communication. So if I am saying a word in my language that means something totally different to you in your language…it's kinda important that we iron out those details. So people need stop employing semantics as some catch-all evidence that someone was wrong.

  9. Fuck Taylor and his bs of an article, twisting every aspect of the situation.

  10. The biggest negative with the theatrical Justice League isn’t that it’s bad, it’s that it’s bland. I’d rather rewatch a film that has me raising an eyebrow and questioning many of the creative descisions being made, than rewatch something that’s bland, boring and ultimately forgettable. But that’s just me.

  11. I really hope they release this on Ultra HD blu-ray. I need this, because I love Zack Snyder as a filmmaker. His style and unique vision is excellent, and makes for more adult-themed superhero movies.

  12. The 80s, 90s and possibly early 00s comic book fans were more sensible

  13. Too be honest people need to go back to the way we use to with comic books and love them all ,
    it is disappointing how media has weaponised peoples taste comic fans are like football teams now

  14. 'm a bit confused here, and I don't know if you're being obtuse on purpose, or there's some cognitive dissonance going on to try and prevent you from seeing the point, but you're basically making excuses…or you're talking past people. And I honestly don't know which one it is? I'm not trying to troll or enrage you, but there's a disconnect here, and I'm seeing it from most places that denied The Snyder Cut.

    When I talked to Snyder fans about "ReleaseTheSnyderCut", none of them thought or assumed there was a 100% finished movie by Snyder. Hell, the movie was about 6 months out when Snyder got the boot, and Joss Whedon came in. Nobody thought Snyder finished the movie 6 months before release: nobody. This all feels like a game of semantics about "who was right/wrong", and it's kind of insulting to point the blame, yet again, at the Snyder fans for this…because again, I didn't see anybody say there was a finished product. When Joss Whedon's version came out, and people saw how much of a departure it was from Snyder's style, they wanted to see "The Snyder Cut", or if you want to play with semantics, they wanted to see his "vision/version" of the movie, but again, nobody was claiming that there's a finished product. "ReleaseTheSnyderCut" just means "we want to see Snyder's version of the movie, because this isn't a Snyder movie". Which one do you think makes a better hashtag that can trend?
    So I'm just baffled by this, I truly am. All of this finger pointing needs to stop. Many people initially claimed that Snyder didn't have anything, that Joss came in, and there's no version of Snyder's movie: period. Then, when news was coming out, some of you guys started obfuscating by backpedaling the claims. Then it became, "well of course there's a 'Snyder Cut', but it's not finished, therefore, you SnyderCut morons can stop claiming there's a cut, because since it's not finished, it means there's no 'real' cut, even though there's an unfinished cut. Boom: goalpost moved! I'm right, you're wrong".

    I find it interesting that you have all of this knowledge of the movie biz, and you can explain how things work form an insider's point of view, but come on, you just seem to be purposefully missing the point to save face….or something? I honestly don't know? What am I missing here?

  15. Jesus, those Star Trek & Collider ‘articles’ beggars belief.
    I mean you really gotta be creative to spin 💩 like that…

  16. I'm worried that that Picard article was right, and that the writers chose to tell that story about Picard's privilege, and that it was so poorly written that we didn't even notice that that was the intention.

  17. What about the obvious fact that the fans that wanted this are a part of the customers that filmmakers need to sell their work to?
    Just because a filmmaker, studio, or other entity makes a film, does not mean that I am required to see it, let alone invest my money in it.

  18. When it comes to premieres: "Nobody in LA tells the truth!" Rob has spoken. And there you have it folks. Plain and simple.
    Wise words directly from a media access shill. 😁😜😉
    I love ❤ LAST ACTION HERO. Why wasn´t i invited? Rob, get me on that MAS list. 🙈

  19. Justice League was an absolute dogs breakfast. A different cut, one closer to the Directors vision is a win for everyone. The fact the Collider piece didn't address the uniqueness of Snyder's situation, the tragic situation is intellectually dishonest.

  20. Listening to Schnepp on MovieTalk and watching DOSLWH pushed me to finish my graphic novel and start making animations. When I met him at Comic Con I asked him to sign my personal copy of my graphic novel and let him know that he mentored me through the process from afar. Goals 👍🏼

  21. Its funny how people blame snyder for BVS and said it was too dark n blah blah cry. .now these same people are begging for his cut kf JL..fandom it sure has changed..I do not believe Snyder cut will be what we think it will be.

  22. This is definitely not the same Dr Jones from my music video "Drank & My PJs" Yes, of course you should watch it! Right now. Right away 🎸

  23. Collider, for real?! Get out of here! Let me guess. A version of Suicide Squad that wasn't cut by a music video editor could somehow the worse if edited by the artour? What's the best Blade Runner? oh yeah that's right the director's cut!

  24. If the demand for the artistic vision is higher than the demand for the executive's vision then perhaps they should've been putting out directors cuts all along. Asking for a less commercial product doesn't hurt fandom. What an moron 🤦‍♂️

  25. The fact that people are calling a 20 to 30 million dollar Justice League HBO mini series a waste of money is laughable. Not even GOT has a full on movie aesthetic and they spent millions per episode. Not to mention the brand recognition.

  26. It means that studios are actually listening to fans for once, which is what you got to do when times are tough. Now is not the time to be testing the patience of your fanbase.

  27. If I'm being honest, I dont think bending knee to a loud aggressive fanbase sets a good precedent. We dont negotiate with terrorists.

  28. Regarding the PICARD article: once more LIBERAL LEFT LUNACY SJW CANCEL CULTURE BS shows its true colors.
    Forced diversity and check box "exclusivity" is actually racist.
    A story should be organic, not calculated to appease racial and political demographics.

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