Tyler Henry answers some of Latoya Jackson’s unanswered questions on her brother’s death. Watch the intense moment on “Hollywood Medium”.

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What Were Michael Jackson’s Final Thoughts? | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


42 thoughts on “What Were Michael Jackson's Final Thoughts? | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

  1. Uh….wasn't everything he was saying to her the same thing that all of us have seen in the media?

  2. I'm shocked 1.5 million fell for this!
    He's exposed same as that mutton dressed as lamb long island fake blond. Taking money for misery.
    If you know anything you know and will know karma in this life time.
    Never prey on innocent people s loss..misery n GRIEF.

  3. Every single Man and Women ALREADY know what happen to MJ…
    This gay guy just love to TALKING about everything…he must replace Wendy Williams

  4. Putain elle a fait quoi a son visage il y a rien qui bouge quand elle parle en plus ça fait peur lol

  5. Sorry, but you little boy have no idea what MJ was saying. All you are doing is rewording a documentary about him. Idiot. Massive hate going on.

  6. Michael Jackson expresses his dislike with La Toya and she is also very active in getting with the press siding with the false allegations. And look at her doing everything to be as famous.

  7. I can even fill in more details because this is exactly what I got…just a bit more. The situation was just like this but I will say….the Jackson family let him down too as much as the world did. He did try to look around for help, within 2 mins…it all went down and he KNEW he was dying…he knew no one was there and he couldn't get help. That's freaking awful. 3 people in that room, let that happen or dropped his trust to where he DIED. So crazy, so sad! Miss you MJ!

  8. You did not speak to Michael Jackson… this is against God…. if you want to speak to Michael you should do it through prayer…

  9. Que estupidez está gente vacía de Hollywood creyendo en tonteras oren por sus vidas vacias

  10. He's so fake, hell I can be a freakin medium… Let me google all the information about the famous deceased person and basically repeat it to you in a way it seems like it's coming from the spirit lol.

  11. Both phoneys, she talked badly of her brother MJ, she just wants attention. Let him Rest In Peace. ❤️

  12. She looks so weird. Sometimes natural old age looks beautiful, cute.

  13. Toya looks like her mom until plastic took over made her look 40 x worse an old

  14. I'll never understand how that so called doctor could not have intubated him period.. everyone knows that drug stops breathing..plus to give him that at home like NyQuil says so much…..but there is fault with him too…he probably paid the doctor lots of money to get propifol at home..

  15. He’s not saying anything interesting, he’s saying stuff that google says

  16. Enough is enough. Michael Jackson went through so much in his 50 years he had no time and everyone always wanted from him and he have right to his last breath. People need to leave him rest in peace my God he needs it .

  17. OMG! Could her plastic surgery be more awful, bad barby doll fake….What is with these insecure Jackson’s? They were such beauties before destroying their looks with plastic….so sad and disgusting.

  18. I really want to talk to this about my great grandpa and grandma, my great grandpa passed about a year ago and my great grandma about 6 or 7 years ago and I don't remember her that well since I'm only 12. My grandma would love this guy so much and would do anything to talk to her mom and dad. If there is any way that I could reach out to him for just a few moments it would make my life.

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