In today’s vlog we head over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios with Briman (check out Orlando United for up to date theme park info at ) Thanks for watching and we’ll see you tomorrow with a new vid!

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50 thoughts on “What's New At Disney's Hollywood Studios | Construction Update, Pizza Rizzo Review & Magic Band 2.0s

  1. Who said we need pizza every where we go, why not try a Buffett of rice, beans, tostones, pernil, etc,etc….brake the habbit…not everyone needs pasta and pizza, when we can eat, pork, chicken or steak…and we don't need beer either, water is fine !! Dam America, needs a change…or maybe Disney needs a change. Who created Disney anyways ? We need some one extra creative down south…for real !!

  2. Having just subscribed to your site . I must say your reviews are very informative and fun we are privileged to be visiting your wonderful country in Sept 2018 staying at Disney carribean beach resort . I a recycled teenager but hey you have one life so both my wife and I are going for it. Keep up the fantastic reviews and fun which you inject into everyone .

  3. So glad I found this video. My son got to meet boba fett because I knew exactly where to find him during the stage show. Made his whole trip! Thanks!! 🙂

  4. Been watching ya for a while.. don’t know how I missed this Starwars stage show vlog💚💙💛it!! Behind was cool deal! ENJOYED IT 100%👍

  5. Hi Tim we are here for a couple of weeks is volcano bay any better as we've seen bad reviews or shall we just do the usual ones ,great videos keep them coming.

  6. Unfortunate to see there is a lack of Muppets in PizzeRizzo, but a lot of the stuff in PizzeRizzo that doesn't really seem Muppet themed actually is. The winners on the pizza eating contest placards are real Muppet characters; they're all big monster characters. The Mice Girls is a reference to a joke from "Muppets From Space". The "Somebody Got Married" sign and the characters listed are from "The Muppets Take Manhattan". And the old faded letters are a reference to "Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas", a lesser known movie Jim made in the 70's. Also, I assume the caricatures and booth are a reference to a scene from "The Muppets Take Manhattan" as well.

    However, while Muppet nerds like me might recognize this subtle stuff, it's still quite disappointing to see such a lack of outright Muppet theming in the restaurant. At least Muppet*Vision includes both blatant Muppet theming and nerdy references.

  7. Jack white started third man record label which has its own vinyl record factory….
    still too lame there's no Muppets at a Muppet restaurant

  8. With the poor selection of pizza places with good pizza in Disney… I would say Rizzo's is the best pizza out of the other pizza's… that's all.

  9. The muppet restaurant pictures have a secret character that was never in the muppets which was meant to be a main character, he got removed as there was too many characters, that's why is special

  10. I love the way you show everything in the park. I'm going to WDW for the first time in May 2017 and you have made it real to me. Thanks!

  11. how long would you recommend for 2 adults time wise to explore Hollywood studios at this time with all the construction

  12. In one of the muppet movies there's a scene where they are at that famous restaurant with the character pictures on the wall and they are trying to get some one to take interest in their play… Possibly that's the reference to that corner section with the muppet portraits ???

  13. We liked the pizza there. It's not as good as it was when it was pizza planet. But we will definitely go back. The salad is ridiculous now. When it was pizza planet it was served in a covered bowl. You should give it another shot though. My husband loves the meatball sub so maybe you could try that next time. Hope all is well.

  14. I can't believe they took away pizza planet. My mom and I would go there everytime we went to Disney 😔

  15. @thetimtracker is hollywood studios a full day visit or half. my family and I are planning a trip and want to know if we can do hollywood studios and animal kingdom in one day?


  17. Tim, at 13:09m it's Pa Otter Memorial …and it's the Frogtown Hollow Jubilee Jug Band. I believe that's a nod to Emmit Otters Jug Band Christmas special from 1977.

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