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46 thoughts on “Who Started The Coronavirus & The Murder of Gabriel Fernandez on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. I know and hope you all feel different now my kids uncle died of corona virus. And now my cousin has it CORONAVIRUS IS REAL. PLEASE STOP SAYING THIS WAS A POLITICAL STUNT. Now trump is playing on this epedemic

  2. Stephanie Rodriguez works as a case manager at Health Advocates in Chatsworth CA

  3. I absolutely hate child abusers. I haven’t watched it yet and know I’m going to be so very angry and hurt. So often children are mistreated and abused. Every child who is hurt or in pain, affects me. I’m crying know and haven’t seen it. We are all accountable and have to end this abuse .

  4. jason is you gay ??? i just need to know before i slap the foo that told me!!!!

  5. I watched the documentary regarding gabriel Fernandez it's so heart wrenching and so waking 😢

  6. Omg. 😂 the corona virus on the back of the Lysol is a different strain boo.😂😂😂
    That documentary definitely had me crying and wanting to go to jail just to see Pearl Hernandez and beat her ass💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💔💔
    Now that baby is protected in heaven 🙌🏽

  7. Please know that if you are receiving mistreatment (not even by a physical means) like how Gabriel did, you are the scapegoat, you are the black sheep. You WILL be the soul survivor when you get older and get away for good. Keep your head up!

  8. I don't think he said that to his Mom either. I believe the Mom made it up..Manipulative! Personality Disorder!

  9. You can't make me believe that you robbed a bank, and then get out of jail in 3 days and that's it, as if it's not a felony?!!? Something is really really wrong with this! All cause that was your first offense ever…That's so unheard of, I'm lost asf! Can someone enlighten me please?!!?

  10. Drake and Future needs to spend more time in safe sex classes 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️, #CondomsPlease Who has sex unprotected with a prostitute/whatever… They both are disgusting asf 🤮🤢🤯😬

  11. The teacher should have not given 2 fucks about what the principal or whomever told her that all they do is make the call or file the report, had to do or say… I would have taken pictures any Damn way, and when the baby came to her the 2nd time, she should have kept that baby with her, called the police and gave a report, put the pictures with that report, and then took it all to the c.p.s building her damn self! My job would not have been important, when God blessed me with that one job, he would have blessed me with another one too! Even if I had to be arrested for kidnapping, I would have not sent that baby back to that hell hole of an apartment with that wolf in sheep's clothing ass mother and stepfather… she could have did way more than she did… They all let that baby down, and it hurts my heart and soul to know and see all the stuff that baby had to endure each and every day, and by 1 of the 2 people that God blessed him with… I feel the she-devil should have received the death penalty just like the fat fuck she was f'n and puppeteering around to help her torture and kill that baby!!! All that I can say now is that, he's no longer suffering, no longer sad, no longer starving, no longer nervous or scared, anymore… I'm 100% sure that where he's at, all of us for sure can say, we hope and pray that we can go there too… We're here longing for the peace, love, beauty, and flooding levels of awesomeness that he's having the privilege to take in every single day, and breathe in… Oh lord, I want to be in that number 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #WhenTheSaintsGoMarchingIn😇

  12. That Bitch wasn't too fucked up in her past, she didn't feel bad about herself,or have low self esteem… while in jail I know everyone saw when she went off about her makeup… that Bitch knew she was a looker, she knew she was decent looking, and she knew what and how to manipulate men… Bitch in jail for killing her son, and all she's worried about is some Damn makeup… I'm like, who the fuck even gave or bought her f'n makeup, who put money on her books, idk, the whole thing made me want to drive to the prison she's at and give that Bitch a death sentence my Damn self and be prepared to do the f'n time! B.s. another thing is, I wanted to reach through my phone and slap the grandparents the fuck into the after life… it was just as much their fault that the baby is dead as well!!! They took him from the ones who loved that baby soooooo so much, because they didn't feel 2 gay men shouldn't Raise a child! No f'n so called 1 track mind having ass grandparents shouldn't either! That baby was loved unconditionally, and unapologetically by his uncles, no matter what their sexual preference was, and whatever they do, is between them and the God that they serve… Who are we to say they're not?!!? The grandparents killed that baby as soon as they took him from the only life, love, and home that he had ever felt/known!

  13. You guys are the worst interviewers ever
    this lady was really going to tell us so many details and every time she got ready to one of you guys Cut Her Off to ask her about what she was already getting ready to tell us
    just horrible interview skills Hollywood unlock interviews suck ass

  14. The Gabriel situation happened again 5 years after Gabriel was killed in that same county, so no Jason Lee no major changes happened in the system! The boys name was Anthony look it up.

  15. The sad truth is that today, you can walk into a school located in a lower income area and see countless kids like Gabriel. Even worse, walk into a welfare office…I work for cfs and remember Gabriel's case. Broke my heart. 😔

  16. I'm sorry but you can't blame this on the teacher. She did more to bring attention to this abuse than anyone else. By LAW you can not interfere with a child and her parent. She reported the abuse to the authorities and THEY dropped the ball. Don't blame it on the teacher. Ya'll wrong for that

  17. I completely agree with Jason, I've always said the teacher and DCS should've been held to accountable for no doing anything, I'm gonna watch it now, I've got my tissues ready

  18. Some people get paid to draw the race and come through conquer and divide and some people have so much money they can write that s*** off what you think Bloomberg is doing any home LOL LMAO next

  19. I havent watched it dont know if I could handle it however what I do know is she aint in that prison living her best life as a regular inmate. They are whooping her ass and doing to her the same way she did her son or allowed her son to get done..

  20. Jason Lee!!! My heart hurt so much !!!! At the mothers day gift also !!!! This story Is HORRIFYING!!😓

  21. The system failed Gabriel and his family failed him, this story was just heartbreaking his mother never wanted him and his family knew that, and the way his teacher and child protective services saw the scars and did nothing it was cruel how he was told if he keeps lying, he'll go to jail and he's was 8 years, he just didn't have a chance, rest in peace Gabriel.

  22. I want this game👏🏾💕 . I’m so heart broken for Gabriel 🥺. I don’t think I can watch it. I’ve heard some horrific things and I’m super sensitive. His legacy will live on forever ❤️🙏🏾

  23. Wow!! Out of all the shows this is one I can't seem to get through.This episode is too emotionally upsetting. for me.Its difficult understand how kids are mistreated.My heart is aching.Kudos to Hollywood Unlocked for speaking about Gabriel RIH Little Angel

  24. Me too!! I was screaming!! Like in agony.. In pain!! & I only watched the court clips on here.. & it made me sick.. I don’t think I can watch it..

    I even caught myself howling while sobbing 😭 Never really heard that sound come out of me before..

    Even you guys talking about is making me cry 😢 & you guys are talking about it lightly.. OMG When Jason brought up the Mother’s Day card I just lost it!!

    So Gabriel’s case brought so much pain that I never felt before.. I can’t.. The system failed him!! I’m more angry at CPS & DCFS workers.. They are evil & wish horrible karma on them..

    I don’t want to watch it, but I will for Gabriel’s sake to hear his loved ones stories out.. I will watch it.. I think Jason is right!!

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