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Near the start of the new millennium, American actor Jim Caviezel was one of the hottest heartthrobs in Hollywood. With starring roles in The Thin Red Line, Frequency, The Count of Monte Cristo, and more, Caviezel seemed primed for a long, successful Hollywood career. However, after taking on the career-defining role of Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s controversial biblical drama The Passion of The Christ, Caviezel’s big-screen career has been largely non-existent. So what happened?

Hollywood reject | 0:27
Back to school | 1:14
Love scenes lost | 1:49
Workplace and worship | 2:50
Career resurrection? | 3:41

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23 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Dropped Jim Caviezel

  1. Shun him and praise Harvey Weinstein. Shows you where those people’s moral compass is set

  2. Dont worry Jim Caviezel a.k.a JC… hollywood are crumble this 2020, and become new live (a new hollywood) …on the good hand from God.

  3. Anti christan hollywood exist cause of us. We spend our dosh watching their films. They get richer and spew wrath on christians. Stop giving them yr money via tickets bought etc. God bless Jim C for his stand for christ. A mega mega christian blockbuster by M Gibson will bring Jim lots n lots of money, i thank Gid for this as we will go watch this movie n support christian causes.

  4. Greatest actor ever, good for your Christian faith and practising it.

  5. Hats of Jim. God bless you..Of course kissing other women is the problem, not to mention what else they want you to do in film. In our recent times the intimacy is destroyed, perverted, In film, music, tv, fashion, everyday life… He can stick to character rolles though

  6. Christians are not supposed to separate their faith from other parts of their lives. They would be called hypocrites by non-believers if they partied as though there were not Christian.

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