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Raven-Symone got her big break in 1989 as the adorable, dimpled Olivia on The Cosby Show. She used the show as a launchpad to other series, including Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper and movie roles Eddie Murphy’s Dr. Dolittle series, and of course, That’s So Raven. But since she’s reached adulthood, the starlet hasn’t done that much. So, why has Hollywood dumped Raven-Symone?

She made a mess of The View | 0:23
She doesn’t want to be labeled | 1:27
She caused racial controversy | 1:59
She didn’t call out Bill Cosby | 2:55
Hollywood can be sizeist | 3:54
How she can turn it around | 4:29

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23 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Dumped Raven Symone

  1. Raven net worth is 400 million…and she is still working…she is on that's so Raven spin off..on Disney…she doesn't need fake ass Hollywood.

  2. Everyone is soo sensitive. Can't she just give her honest opinion without people overthinking what she says. I think she's being misunderstood for so many reasons. People expect her to answer those questions according to what they believe is right and not her🤦‍♀️. Give her a break

  3. You do know she has another show on Disney right and I agree with the name thing all names aren't cute or whitty but she did saw so stupid crap Raven spoke her truth about Cosby I completely understand it.

  4. After everything was said and done, she distant herself from Cosby like a thousands of miles away!


  6. the Hollywood Luciferians have a point in murdering adorable children before they grow up and turn into shit.

  7. This wasn't as bad as I remember. The only ridiculous one was the name controversy, but I can sort of understand everything else.

  8. She was being honest and saying what most people (even us blacks) are thinking regarding "jacked" up, stupid names. Hollywood hates the truth. Wish they would leave her alone.

  9. No white people were furious that she didn’t say anything that’s about the only thing she did right. She was nothing a part of your agenda to destroy the legacy of African Americans

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