We all remember Edward Norton from Primal Fear, Fight Club, American History X, The Incredible Hulk, and many other movies. But you must have noticed that we don’t see him so often these days.

Where did he go and where is Edward Norton now? In this video, you will learn the answer to this question and you will also find out why Hollywood won’t cast Edward Norton!

Not too long ago, we could see Norton in Birdman and Motherless Brooklyn. But he could have been much more popular now if he kept on playing the Hulk. Why did Edward Norton’s Marvel deal didn’t work?

How did Edward Norton and Salma Hayek make Frida a completely different movie? And what happened to Edward Norton after the fame and three Oscar nominations?

Click on “Play” to see what happened to Edward Norton and learn all the recent news about this talented, yet quite problematic actor!

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49 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Rejects Edward Norton |⭐ OSSA

  1. Hollywood rejecting Edward Norton ? Who cares ? The man is a brilliant actor and after seeing “Motherless Brooklyn”, a brilliant Director.
    Let him keep raising the bar in the film industry…isn’t that the definition of excellence ?

  2. If you take a look on his (in my opinion) best two movies – Fight Club and American History X – these weren't a huge financial success. Big producing corporations don't give a f+ck about arts. They want to make money and art is only an instrument to achieve that goal but not the purpose…

  3. I think he's one in a million and handsome as he is
    talented.He's manly and not one of those pretty boys
    like Pitt.I'll bet he's glad to be out of the snake put now.You'll have the last laugh,Ed. While your pedo
    peers are doing life sentences and worse,we'll
    finally get to see you in all your glory again!

  4. Its funny we view our favorite actors as people we'd really like to hang out with or "cool" but most actors are some of the weirdest, corkiest people. A lot of people forget that those actors were the drama/theatre kids you avoided in school….Then when they blow up they really have no perception on reality.

  5. He's got a head on his shoulders he needs to sell his soul ! There are actually good actors in this world that don't sell their soul! So It Goes to Hell that your body gets taken over by a fallen angel it's just the way it is! Good for you Norton you're a great actor!

  6. He has been blacklisted due to his nasally delivery of lines. The only movie he was ever good in was Rounders and that's about all. Fight club was okay

  7. Most Hollywood Directors & writers have run out of ideas or regurgitating/renewing old movies. Many actors have moved to writing & directing their own movies, like Clint Eastwood. This video is pointless 🧐

  8. It is a shame that he is such an ego maniac. He has to stay in his own lane. If he thinks he is so smart and knows what is best in every facet is not only write, and direct his own work, but use his money to be Executive Producer. The people footing the bills have the last say. As a writer/director I would never work with any actor that dared to touch a word of what I wrote. Shame on him. There are other actors just as good as he is who are easy to work with, they are called "Professional Actors."

  9. They never black listed him he has no projects now, thats it ,nothing more or less it's just that simple, i remember those you tube fideos that said "why they wont cast this actor or that actor nomore " and then like a month or two later you would see that actor in a movie ,so stop making these fideos you are not fooling anybody.

  10. Even if Edward was right with changes and edits, you just can't usurp the artist role from the director and writer. It's very offensive. And going over their head with the production company only makes it worse. When you are hired for a movie, you negotiate these things then. You don't just do it and pressure the director to shoot your idea. It's just not done.

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