Mena Massoud opened up about his struggles in Hollywood. Shockingly, after the release of Aladdin movie, it turns out that Hollywood won’t cast a prominent your actor. What’s the reason behind the young Disney actor being rejected in going for the audition? From Mena Massoud interview we found out that he was usually offered stereotypical roles. Find out why Mena Massoud Aladdin role became a breakthrough but didn’t have a major change on his career. His co-star Naomi Scott lent a role in Charlie’s Angels after the premier of Aladdin 2019. But why Hollywood won’t cast her on-screen partner? Watch a post Aladdin interview and find out everything about the struggles of Aladdin Mena Massoud. Watch our channel to find out more about pop culture! Find out more facts about Aladdin cast, including actress Naomi Scott Aladdin star.

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50 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Rejects Mana Massoud After Alladin |⭐ OSSA

  1. I was not impressed at all by his role as Alladin. He came off as meh, in my opinion. Not bad but not good. Maybe it is a race issue. Or maybe the directors saw him in Alladin and did not see the character that they need for their project.

  2. Man, it’s like the media is actually ruining his career by talking about his circumstance like this. They are making more of a campaign out of this than he is. Now studios are going to be hesitant to work with him. 😕

  3. 1. Because Hollywood casting is like a Zebra crossing with mustard spilled on it. It casts blacks and whites and sometimes east asians. There aren't many roles for brown actors.

    2. Because this dude is a pretty boy but but has the charisma of wood.

  4. Has nothing to do with his race. He’s not getting casted in anything because his acting sucks.

  5. They only wanted him in terrorist roles? Give em a good act they'll never forget like how Heath Ledger out starred Batman in his Joker performance.. it was something we'd never forget

  6. Orrrrrr he can go look for auditions and reach out, a mediocre performance doesn't mean all these opportunities are going to come to you cmon on now.

  7. if i will director id cast him for 100%
    like hes such an great actor and good human being
    the industry should fight for him….

  8. There are alot of people with his skin color in Hollywood doing just fine. It's not his skintone, it's his ethnicity and religion.

  9. First of all I understand. But you hv to understand being an actor is hard. Read up Robert Downey Junior or Sylvester Stallone.

  10. hollywood is crippling! In the recent few years, hollywood had been churning out garbages! That's why acting is no longer a promising career! I would advice Mena to start looking for a REAL job or he can write a book or start up a new venture outside entertainment industry! But if he's passionate about acting then he could try the broadway!

  11. Oh man welcome to my life, I always struggled with racism cuz of my Arabic background:( that’s so sad

  12. mena massoud's acting in aladdin was so flat. jac efron would be great for aladdin.

  13. If they dont want you in Hollywood you can always go to Bollywood :'D And I loved his role it was awesome.

  14. Hollywood can’t stand the fact that an arab person might actually be better than them at acting or might beat them in a competition

  15. I believe honestly it’s his acting. I felt like he was ACTING rather than making everything seem natural. When watching him interact with Jasmine, he sounded like one of those studio people reading the script to the main character during an audition. I would have liked to have seen someone else play the role of Aladdin.

  16. This is so sad. I hope he gets more projects. Don't ever be discouraged, Mena, you're a great actor and takented! ^^

  17. Maybe he should find other studios even independent ones, I bet independent studios would love to give him parts, even if he has to go out of the country to do it . Hollywood isn’t the only studio that makes movies.

  18. Can y'all at least realize this his name is spelled MENA not Mana. Mana is bread genius…

  19. I thought he sand better than Naomi Scott, he was more clear and actually pronounced the words. Half the time, I couldn’t understand what Naomi Scott was singing. She butchered A Whole New World. But she ran circles around Mena when it came to acting. And let’s face it, the real star of the live action Aladdin was Will Smith, not Mena. I really really liked him as Aladdin though and I hope he gets more acting roles soon!

  20. Racism is real and Mena isn't the first one facing it. He just the one who speaking up and we heard him.

  21. I feel the reason mana was blacklisted from Hollywood is because he got stuck with the ALADDIN role and every audition he goes to all director's see is ALADDIN and not Mana Massoud

  22. Mena Massoud can't get a role because he won't sell his soul. He seems too pure and heart to gain more deals. If you want the bigger roles, you have to do things you don't want to do behind-the-scenes to get those big deals. I think Mena is getting a lot of offers, but he won't get the same level as Aladdin.

  23. the funny part about racism is, tanned skin looks so good and sexy and all but original brown skin is just no

  24. Aladdin is the best movie ever.I like him very much. He taught me how interesting movie is. Thank you.Thank you.I'm Japanese. I'm a big fun of him.

  25. It’s hard to get in the room even if you’re white, but with a slight Russian accent 👋🏻 Cause as my agent says I have to have a perfect American.. well, preferably Californian accent.

  26. If he was a blonde white dude named Bob , he’d become the King of Hollywood .

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