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During the ’90s and early 2000s, it seemed like Edward Norton was pretty much everywhere. He took roles in a wide range of classic movies, including Fight Club, American History X, Kingdom of Heaven, Red Dragon and The Illusionist, and was beloved by fans almost as much as he was lauded by critics. In recent years, however, it feels like he’s almost entirely disappeared from mainstream Hollywood. Here’s why…

Leading the trail | 0:22
Calling the shots | 0:55
Working behind the scenes | 1:33
A major bomb | 2:22
Family focus | 2:45
Roasting Marvel | 3:26

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41 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Stopped Casting Edward Norton

  1. I see similarities between John Cusack and Ed Norton

    I don't just mean they look similar

  2. This is dumb as shit Edward Norton is basically retired and an extremely huge celebrity.

  3. I don't know if Hollywood really stop casting him but he is one of the most talented actors I've known. Every movie he's in is worth watching. His ability of performance is undeniable.

  4. One thing i have always loved about Edward is he is completely honest about show business bull shit and values truth more than media hype.

  5. Edward Norton can get up from his pool and make an oscar-worthy movie if he really wants to. The man has talent! Only thing preventing this is the fact, that he is in 'bad standing' with the suits.

  6. The real reason is that he was trying to find meaning in being a Hollywood actor. Basically it was an act of futility and people got tired of it. That's why he's trying to do docu-dramas. This is what happens when you mistake entertainment for art. Sometimes they can be both but never by Hollywood design.

  7. Looper is such a joke. Literally have no idea what they talking about half the time. Claims Norton "isn't being cast" and less than a year later he appears as the arch villain in Alita Battle Angel

  8. I don’t care what anyone says or thinks. Edward Norton is a DAMN good and talented actor. PERIOD. And I sure hope he continues to star in movies for many years to come.

  9. Wrong. Its because he's constantly confused with edward snowden. And that makes him flaccid

  10. Hollywood stop casting Edward Norton or did Edward Norton stop casting him self

  11. People always say he takes over production but I have never seen a bad performance from him though, and almost all of his movies are great.
    The Incredible Hulk has always been my favourite Marvel movie

  12. What is this bullshit?! Go to IMDB right now and look up Edward Norton. Tell me again when has hollywood stopped this casting?

  13. Lik
    Like me

  14. He just stop so he could scape embarrassment in the future since he have a problem of changing script and try to roast comic's movie, he's an actor from the past that can't cope up in the future film especially with cgi and that's when it all go down hill from him he took too much from himself now he's more like a cry baby while the other guy making huge chunck of money if only he just be ok with the script 😂

  15. Forget your activism and political ideals , as a "DEMOCRAT"..!!
    Stick to acting.. It's something you were good at..
    "YOU IDIOT"…!!!

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