After starring on Zoey 101, Victoria Justice cemented herself as a tween icon when she took on the lead role in Nickelodeon’s Victorious. But since then, Justice has had a hard time landing major roles, and she’s definitely not as visible as she once was. Here’s why.

Hollywood is a world of niches. Once stars become known in a certain genre, style, or medium, it’s hard for them to be accepted in other kinds of roles. Victoria Justice has two of these career roadblocks in her way. First, she was a teen star. Second, she’ll forever be linked with Victorious, the show that made her a household name.

By 2012, Victorious was a huge hit with kids, and Victoria Justice was, too. So much so that Nickelodeon decided to cast the actress as the lead role of a theatrical film – Fun Size. Unfortunately, Fun Size got just 25% on Rotten Tomatoes, and Justice’s fan base didn’t flock to see the movie either. It earned just $9.4 million at the box office.

Watch the video to see Why Hollywood Stopped Casting Victoria Justice!

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Victoria Justice got Nick-ed | 0:17
No one saw Eye Candy | 1:00
Victoria Justice crossed Ariana Grande | 1:35
Her music career sank | 2:30
She still does some TV | 3:21
Victoria wants a Victorious reunion | 3:57
‘Bigger’ things are coming | 4:43


24 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Stopped Casting Victoria Justice

  1. Ariana should of have specified who was bullying her so that seventeen wouldn't have assumed that it was Victoria

  2. There's a lot of comments defending her and saying she can act. But she hasn't really proven that. She's just… forgettable.

  3. Dude. Not cool. I’m laying in bed at 1 AM and I have a freaking phobia of that scream mask and he just pops up on my screen. 😰

  4. Her show eye candy on MTV was amazing !! Me and my mom hated it when they canceled it 😩😩

  5. Am I the only one that liked her movie “Fun Size” ? I mean, I didnt see it in theatres, but I thought it was funny and entertaining (I was only like 10 when I seen it but still)

  6. The part you didn’t mention is that Victoria was the main reason the show stopped. She wanted to pursue a singing career before Ariana and refused to do a fourth season of her own show. The other cast members were upset and therein lies the rift between her and them. In retrospect, Victoria was always a competent actor and a decent vocalist but not a great one of either. Her register is, for a female, middle of the road and she was often outshone by Ariana and Liz during the show (despite the producers’ attempts to push the others into backing vocal roles most of the time). By contrast, Liz Giles is a phenomenal actor and better singer than her. So the issue is that Victoria Justice occupies a middle space in which her type are a dime a dozen.

  7. She can't get casted because she'll always be Tori from Victorious. That is the problem. She became "Tori" and now that is all she is.

  8. We used to always have Nickelodeon on in the kitchen for our dog who had his bed close by. So, I knew about I Carly and Victorious, etc…. I though Victoria was hot stuff………..and then I saw Kira Kosarin !! Wowza. Kira is hot.

  9. it hard to see her in different role than tori for some reason you always see tori.

    like harry potter, carly and chandler.
    but you don't see cat in ariana grande.

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